Illinois couple discovers massive voter 'irregularities' throughout the state in recent elections

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The election interference machine is ramping up as we approach another November presidential election. Actually, it never stopped. Typically, we hear of games being played in so-called “swing states,” such as Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan, all states that would be considered “purple” states. Now, we’re learning there may be some shenanigans in solid-blue Illinois. 

Writing in American Thinker, Jack Gleason tells about an Illinois couple that has discovered some “irregularities” in the Land of Lincoln and has now formed a group of concerned citizens to look into the state’s voter database. Their concerns have been outlined in a formal complaint filed with Bernadette Matthews, director of the Illinois State Board of Elections. The complaint was filed on Dec. 21. 

Among irregularities found after over 2,000 hours of analysis: 

  • Over 300,000 votes from the 2020 election were missing or deleted from Illinois voter data before the legally mandated retention period of 22 months
  • Over four years, the state’s population decreased by 150,000; however, the voter rolls increased by 650,000
  • Over 2.5 million votes were cast by individuals before their registration dates
  • More than 230,000 registrations showed registration dates that appeared to be illegal or illogical
  • There were over four million apparent registration violations out of 8.9 million registrations
The couple are not your typical “ordinary” citizens. Ken Zitko is an MSSQL Data Analyst, DBA, and a 28-year architect who works with Fortune 50 companies. His wife Jodie has worked with “People Data” and analytics since the mid-1990s in “large enterprise environments.” Gleason noted that she is considered a “subject matter expert” in integrated workplace management systems. 

The Zitko’s reviewed a copy of the Illinois State Board of Elections voter rolls while they were working for a US Senate candidate. They also decided to conduct a study of the state’s voting history, undertaken when they wanted to check their own records. What they found was shocking. They found they were shown to have voted in three midterm elections, however, there was one problem–they had “never voted in a midterm election,” Gleason wrote. 

Meanwhile, despite voting in the 2008 presidential election, Ken Zitko found no indication that he had done so. 

Between April and June 2022, the Zitko’s met with over 1,300 Illinois residents statewide and, with their consent, looked at their 20-year voting histories. They found an astounding 57% had voting irregularities, including: 

  • Votes cast when voters didn’t vote
  • Votes missing when they did vote
  • Voters registered and voting at addresses where they did not live, and
  • Registrations with illogical registration dates. 

Moreover and most disturbing, 11% of voters they spoke to had votes cast in their names for elections in which they didn’t participate. 

As one might expect, Jodie said voters’ reactions to seeing the errors in their voting records ranged from disbelief to rage. 

“It was a fairly emotionally draining experience,” she said. As reality set in, a number of people visibly trampled; a few shed a tear or two.” 

She continued, “I recall one particular individual young man in his early 30s. When we asked if he wanted his history report, he insisted he didn’t need to see it because he knew his history. After watching several others receive their reports with shocking results, he finally asked to see his,” Jodie said. “In his case, he had a missing vote from 2020. He was so enraged that he turned beet red [and] stood there for about 30 minutes, repeatedly shaking his head in disbelief. I think he said an expletive or two.” 

It was in July 2022 when they found out about New York Citizens Audit, a similar group in the Empire State looking at voting rolls. They connected with Marly Hornik, CEO of the New York group, and her data team. 

In late spring last year, they joined with the New York organization and spent an additional 2,500 hours researching the Illinois data. The state groups have evolved into a national organization, United Sovereign Americans, which is working with over 25 states on election validity. 

The Zitkos and their team have traveled statewide, giving presentations to town and county election boards and asking elected officials to sign their resolution. They are also planning to file a federal lawsuit. 

The Illinois chapter is looking for volunteers throughout that state who want to get involved in trying to fix their elections. 

Ken Zitko can be reached at this email address. 

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And once again, MSM is complicit in its silence.


And once again, MSM is complicit in its silence.


Can I please get Ken’s email address. I want to help and have info from FOIAS done in 2021.

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