Law Enforcement Today, previously the largest police-owned media outlet in America, was purchased by The 1776 Project, LLC on July 4, 2023.

The 1776 Project is owned by Kyle S. Reyes, who is also the founder and CEO of The Silent Partner Marketing, a national marketing agency that pledged in 2016 to donate $1 million in services to "tell the stories behind the uniforms".  

Reyes, who was previously the National Spokesman and then Executive Director for LET, realized Captain Greenberg was planning on shutting down the company, he opened up conversations about purchasing the company to save the voice for law enforcement.

Reyes assembled a Board of Advisors comprised of some of the heads of the largest police organizations in America.  He is self-funding all of the content with the intent of continuing to share the stories of law enforcement.  Eventually, funding sources will come from on-site advertising, which will be disclosed.

Leah Anaya, a former police officer, is currently acting as a pro-bono managing editor for the website as Reyes reassembles the business and a new team.
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