Absence of 'intelligence' could set up the United States for another 9/11-style attack - only this time, much worse

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A piece in AND Magazine by Sam Faddis draws a startling comparison between the pre-September 11, 2001 intelligence mindset and today. Faddis notes that if someone had questioned the intelligence community the day before the worst terror attack in US history if a terrorist attack was imminent, the answer would have likely been, “We have no credible intelligence indicating a heightened terror threat.” 

Faddis notes that before that fateful day, the intelligence apparatus and government officials worked almost purposefully to avoid gathering the necessary intelligence on terrorist organizations such as al Qaeda and its affiliates. The rest is history. 

Could history repeat itself? Faddis believes it can and it will. 

He observes that the Biden administration is “more aligned ideologically with our enemies than the American people” and has lost focus on our foreign enemies and instead is more concerned with “interfering in American domestic politics,” which he reasons is leaving “us wide open to attack.” 

Moreover, those who would attack the United States are not even trying to hide what they are planning to do, he says. 

Recently, al Qaeda’s affiliate in the Arabian Peninsula, headquartered in Yemen recently, released a video. For clarity, that is where Iranian-backed Houthis are headquartered, and the video was narrated in English. In other words, they wanted someone to get the message. 

The video opens with a picture of al Qaeda’s logo with the translated Quran verse: “And fight in the way of Allah, you are not held responsible except for ourself…and inspire the believers.” 

Elsewhere in the video is a video of the American flag followed by Israeli flags set ablaze as a voiceover says, “Our enemy is one, and that is why we strive jihad against this enemy.” 

Understand that since Biden was installed into office on January 20, 2021, over ten million illegal aliens have entered our country…and those are the ones we know about. There are also an unknown number of gotaways that are somewhere in the United States. The government has no idea who they are or where they are. 

The video continues and shows what looks like a suicide bomber. The voiceover then says, “We have returned to you again in a new form, and we present to you Open Source Jihad.” Just after that statement, the video shows “images of New York City, an exploding aircraft, the subway system, a person assembling a bomb, and operatives with suicide vests wearing Palestinian keffiyehs.” 

The Transportation Security Administration, under the Department of Homeland Security, stated in response to the above video and the apparent direct threat to New York City: “We are not aware of any credible threats resulting from this video to date.” 

“Foreign terrorist organizations routinely highlight transportation modes during the holidays. TSA is operating at a high level of security and constant state of vigilance, as always.” 

The TSA, however, did not address a recent revelation that illegal “migrants” who have entered the country and are now being flown about the country for free on domestic airlines have their own travel lane through security at our nation’s airports, as reported by Breitbart last month. Moreover, unlike Americans and those legally in the US, they are not required to present any identification whatsoever. 

Breitbart notes that none of the computer-generated documents carried by the illegals have photos of them, nor do they appear on the list of TSA-acceptable identification. In fact, the TSA considers arrest warrants issued at the border official travel documents. 

Homeland Security and the Department of Justice are, however, interested in pursuing to the ends of the country anyone who was in the vicinity of the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, or anyone who may have protested outside an abortion clinic. 

According to Faddis, the TSA’s non-answer meant that “we have no intelligence. We don’t know anything. We will be just as surprised as you when things start blowing up and people start dying.” 

A second, more detailed video was released shortly after the first. That video provided detailed instructions for building bombs. Also, it suggested some targets for would-be martyrs, including commercial aircraft (see above), Microsoft founder Bill Gates, and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. 

Truth be told, Faddis suggests the United States government and intelligence apparatus are doing nothing to protect the American public. In fact, he reasons the government is “doing everything we can think of to dismantle the few defenses we have left” and to pave the way for our enemies to once again attack us on our soil. 

After the 9/11 attacks, the United States increased the number of air marshals aboard commercial aircraft to dissuade attacks similar to what occurred on September 11. Now, so unconcerned with the possibility of other similar attacks, the Biden administration has pulled air marshals off planes and sent them to the southern border to assist with administrative tasks. 

Customs and Border Protection have been overwhelmed at the border, and for the most part, any “meaningful checks” are no longer being carried out. In fact, Faddis says, illegal aliens “seek out Border Patrol and turn themselves in.” Why? Because they know they will held for a short period and then released into the country. In many cases, they will be flown courtesy of the American taxpayers to the destination of their choice. 

It has long been known that the United States, New York in particular, is a target for foreign terrorists. Over a month ago, a law enforcement intelligence bulletin warned that New York was identified as a probable target should terrorists decide to wage another attack.

Despite that, December set records for the amount of illegal aliens crossing the US border. In the last quarter of 2023, nearly three-quarters of a million illegals crossed into the United States. Clearly, the Biden administration doesn’t appear interested in preventing another terrorist attack. Instead, Biden and company are focused on “white supremacy.” 

The terror threat against the United States has increased since October 7, when Hamas savages crossed or parachuted into Israel and murdered over a thousand Israeli men, women, and children. In the United States, pro-Palestinian mobs have protested in cities and at colleges and universities nationwide. 

The same mindset that pollutes the minds of the pro-Palestinian crowd also motivated the murdering terrorists on September 11, 2001. The enemies that shout “death to America” “have worked for decades to acquire nuclear, radiological, chemical and biological weapons.” In fact, the Biden administration helped Iran reimplement its nuclear program by allowing them to resume their “nuclear power” program, as well as sending them hundreds of millions in seized assets. 

“Ignorance,” Faddis writes, “is no excuse. The absence of intelligence is not intelligence. We are, all of us, sitting still, holding our breath, and waiting to be ‘blindsided by the next wave of terror attacks.’” 

If that happens, we should look no further than Joe Biden, Alejandro Mayorkas, and the rest of the inept, feckless Biden administration to lay blame upon. 

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“ absence of intelligence is not intelligence”. So true. But intelligent persons need to be acquiring, evaluating, and addressing intelligence. I am afraid we are lacking in that respect. Too many bosses, not enough ground pounders.


There is never an absence of intelligence. It's more that they choose not to act on it for whatever reason...


This is not going to end well ! Terrorist networks are already here, well established, financed and continually expanding. Terrorist also have their preferred U.S. political party of choice. I suspect the terrorist leadership will try to refrain from attacks until after the next Presidential Election, providing there is a party change. They know the minions of useful idiots in our country will totally blame the "then" current sitting President, giving Joe Biden a free pass without blame once the terrorist start carrying out their attacks. Adding to chaos, the usual government and useful idiots answer will be calls/attempts to take firearms away from law abiding citizens ! The apparent lack of intelligence and ongoing invasion is intentional and purpose driven !

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