American cities have shelled out over $68M to Antifa and BLM rioters in wake of 2020 riots

According to a report from The Post Millennial, numerous cities across America have collectively handed over in excess of $68 million to various parties and individuals who were connected to, or directly part of, the riots seen during the summer of 2020.

The astonishing figure came in the way of various settlements, many of which were meant to appease the likes of 2020 rioters and agitators who felt aggrieved at the then-needed police response to the riots.

It's been over three years since the havoc that unfolded between May 26, 2020, and June 8 of that year, where the brunt of that damage courtesy of nationwide riots occurred in the wake of George Floyd’s death, with an estimated $1-$2 billion in damage taking place during the period.

So, with so much damage to public buildings, private property and monetary loss befalling the likes of small business owners, the notion of some cities shelling out millions to those involved or lateral to the very rioting would come as reasonably astonishing.

The largest settlement involved acme out of Minneapolis, where the family of George Floyd wound up receiving $27 million courtesy of the city council’s approval. The same city then went on to shell out $600,000 to 12 protesters who claimed they were injured during the 2020 riots – this, coming from a city and time period where rioters literally set a police station on fire.

Moving onto Denver, the local city council approved a $4.7 million settlement that went out to over 300 people who participated in the 2020 riots simply because the individuals wound up getting arrested in relation to violating an instituted curfew that was put into place in response to rioting.

Mere weeks ago in late August, a jury out of California awarded $3.75 million to 26-year-old who claimed to have been hit with two foam bullets on his hand by LAPD officers while the man was attending a 2020 riot.

The young man was apparently hit with the less-lethal rounds after the LAPD issued a dispersal order in the area he was in, with the man claiming he didn’t hear the issued order.

Another man out of California wound up netting about $1.2 million from two different settlements in California relating to him being struck by less-lethal rounds while participating in the 2020 riots.

Meanwhile in New York City, city officials gave the okay to dish out over $13 million to approximately 1,300 people who brought forth civil rights lawsuits over being arrested amid the 2020 riots.

A separate class action suit out of the city also saw roughly 200 protesters collect $45,500 each after local law enforcement used a “kettling” technique to contain rioters. Furthermore, out of an additional 600 or so individual cases in New York City, roughly half have already been settled to the tune of $12 million, collectively.

Moving onto Portland, where riots played out for months as opposed to the days that most saw across the country, the city agreed to pay a quarter million dollar settlement for using tear gas against violent rioters in 2020 and agreed to pay a man $100,000 for an alleged false arrest.

This past March, Philadelphia reportedly reached a $9.25 million settlement regarding 343 miscreants who unlawfully blocked and shut down Interstate 676 between May 31 and June 1, 2020, which the interstate blocking resulted some of the malefactors being arrested or forcibly moved out of the road.
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