Under attack: Austin Police lose three officers in two days in separate incidents

AUSTIN, TX – The Austin Police Department (APD) suffered an unfathomable series of losses over a two-day period this past week, with three of their officers having passed away in separate and equally tragic incidents. One officer was reportedly fatally shot during a SWAT operation where hostages were involved, another officer died in a car crash, whereas the third officer died from an apparent suicide.

During the early hours of November 11th, APD responded to a residence where a reported hostage situation was taking place. A 911 call coming from the residence located off of Bernoulli Drive apparently involved a woman who was screaming for help, telling the operator that she was being stabbed.

Officers arrived on the scene at approximately 2:57 a.m., where two injured victims were discovered as well as the suspect holding them captive. According to police, a third victim involved had managed to escape from their captor and was transported to an area hospital.

Minutes after APD arrived on the scene, an attempt to breach the residence was enacted, but officers immediately came under fire via the suspect, leading to officers backing out of the residence without returning fire. SWAT was called out to the scene, arriving minutes after 4:00 a.m. and enacting another attempt to breach the residence.

During the SWAT breach, two of the officers involved were reportedly shot by the suspect, one of whom was shot fatally. Officials identified the fallen officer as Officer Jorge Pastore. The second officer shot during the incident was last reported in stable condition, whereas the suspect and two hostages were pronounced dead at the scene.

On the afternoon of November 12th, Leander Police responded to what was initially reported as a fatal collision near the intersection with Ridgmar Road on RM 2243. Few details were shared about the collision in question, but locals responding to the initial announcement by Leander Police regarding the crash and ensuing road closures expressed sentiments on the general dangerousness of the particular stretch of road mentioned.

It was later revealed by friends and acquaintances on social media that the driver killed in the aforementioned crash was retired Austin Police Officer Ray Shillito. Current reports pertaining to the fatal crash seem to imply that the collision was accidental.

On November 11th, a fifteen-year veteran of the APD, identified as Officer Kristy Astran, reportedly took her own life. It’s unclear what ultimately led up to the incident, whether solely related to on-the-job stresses, personal stresses, or a culmination of the two.

Retired Assistant Chief Jennifer Stephenson shared a brief statement on X (formerly Twitter) regarding Officer Astran’s passing, reminding those in the profession to “check on” their fellow officers to ensure everything is alright.

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