Biden-appointed judge rules parents can’t opt children out of school lessons promoting LGBT ideology

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MD – According to a report from The Federalist, a Biden-appointed judge denied a requested injunction brought forth by concerned parents out of Montgomery County who sought to have the mere ability to opt their children out of pro-LGBT propaganda being shoehorned in K-12 schools in the county.

The topic of contentious subjects like pro-LGBT curricula being introduced in public schools has fueled a raging debate in recent years, particularly due to materials perceived to be pornographic in nature being promoted as educational materials as well as controversial ideologies being imposed on youths who stem from households not harboring such beliefs.

In Montgomery County, Maryland (which is just north of Washington, D.C.), an amalgamation of parents consisting of Muslim, Catholic, and Orthodox backgrounds sought to simply have the ability to opt their kids out of controversial lessons revolving around LGBT topics like gender identity and transgenderism.

The request would hardly seem controversial on its face, as the parents petitioned the court to purely be afforded the opportunity to keep their children away from contentious topics and materials rather than have such lesson plans completely ousted from their schools’ curriculum.

Yet, the petitioned injunction apparently didn’t sit well with Biden-appointed Judge Deborah Boardman, as she denied the requested injunction from the parents on August 24th.

For the sake of context, Montgomery County Public Schools instituted a “no-opt-out” policy this past spring which forbade parents from pulling their children from lessons involving books teaching youths about transgenderism, gender identity, and other pro-LGBT narratives.

Furthermore, the Montgomery County Board of Education adopted over 20 books falling under the pro-LGBT spectrum this past year that would be imposed on youth from pre-K through eighth grade – again, from which youths now cannot be excused.

For example, pre-K students in Montgomery County Public Schools will have unavoidable exposure to the book Pride Puppy, which is a book about a lesbian couple taking their children to a Pride parade.

Meanwhile, fifth graders in the county will be regaled with Born Ready: The True Story of a Boy Named Penelope, which centers around a young biological girl proclaiming that she is a male.

The two abovementioned books are a mere drop in the bucket from what is slated to be imposed upon youths in Montgomery County, which parents will seemingly have zero choice of excusing their children from such lessons so long as their kids stay enrolled in the public school system.

With the cited materials being perceived as objectionable and reasonably posing the threat of indoctrination on youths, the parents filed suit against the county in July claiming their, and their children’s, First Amendment rights were being violated by the no-opt-out policy.

However, Judge Boardman made the bold claim in her August 24th ruling against the injunction that the parents presented no evidence of the potential for indoctrination and that school-mandated LGBT propaganda doesn’t conflict with their freedom to practice their respective religions.

“Here," the judge ruled, "the plaintiffs have not shown that the no-opt-out policy likely will result in the indoctrination of their children… Even if their children’s exposure to religiously offensive ideas makes the parents’ efforts less likely to succeed, that does not amount to a government-imposed burden on their religious exercise.”

In short, the judge’s August 24th ruling against the petitioned injunction forces the Montgomery County parents to have LGBT propaganda pushed in front of their children while in the classroom should they choose to keep their children in public school, which is funded by their own tax dollars.
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