Police chief: Here's the hidden truth about how they're going to take over the US through illegal immigrants

A report from the Center for Immigration Studies paints a chilling picture of the abuses being perpetrated by illegals entering the United States. While illegal aliens are restricted from many welfare programs, their “anchor babies”--children born in the United States–face no such restrictions. And they are taking advantage. 

The study shows that households headed by illegal aliens are more likely to use welfare than those headed by US-born citizens. 

Some 59.4 percent of households led by illegals use one or more welfare programs, while 39 percent of households headed by a US-born citizen use such programs, the report says. 

The report states that those high rates of welfare use primarily reflect their generally lower education levels and their resulting low incomes, coupled with the large share of those who have U.S.-born children eligible for all welfare programs from birth. More than half of all illegal immigrant households have one or more U.S.-born children.” 

The term “anchor baby” comes from the Fourteenth Amendment, which establishes “birthright citizenship,” which grants citizenship to anyone born within the United States or its territories, no matter the citizenship of the parents. The Supreme Court has yet to rule on the provision, although such a loophole would appear counterproductive to the country's security. 

That provision has been used (and abused) by illegals entering the country. Once they have a U.S.-born child, deporting them back to where they came from is challenging (although not impossible). Once a child reaches 21, they can seek immigrant visas for their parents and extended families to enter the U.S. It’s a loophole that has anti-illegal immigration activists upset. 

Many of those activists believe that illegals enter the country and have children deliberately, thereby “anchoring” them to the United States. 

According to the CIS report, illegals and their “anchor babies” cost the American taxpayers $150.6 billion annually. 

“The American welfare system is designed in large part to help low-income families with children, which describes a large share of immigrants,” CIS stated in the report. 

Currently, a dozen states offer Medicaid to all low-income children regardless of immigration status. Those children also have access to many government food and meal programs. 

The CIS report used the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2022 Survey of Income and Program Participation (SIPP) data. “The reality is that illegal immigrants are included in the SIPP, a large share of them are poor, and they or their U.S.-born children have welfare eligibility, and many take advantage of this eligibility,” CIS stated. 

“A very large share of immigrants come to America, have children, struggle to provide for them, and so turn to taxpayers for support. This can be seen as especially problematic given that there is already a large number of Americans who are also struggling to provide for their children.” 

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) published data that showed the total number of U.S.-born children of illegal aliens in the United States as of June 2023 stood at 5.78 million, or two times the population of Chicago. 

In reporting the financial impact on the American people over the past five years, the annual cost has risen by almost $35 billion. 

“This burden will only continue to grow as a result of the Biden administration’s open-border policies,” CIS warned. 

It is currently unknown how many anchor babies have been born in the United States since the Biden-facilitated invasion began. But if even only ten percent of those who have entered the country illegally have had children, the Great Replacement Theory will come to bear before you know it. 

Of course, anchor babies are but one small part of the issue facing the United States when it concerns illegal immigration. 

It has been reported that as of October 2023, at least 169 illegal aliens on the terror watch list tried to enter the United States illegally. Law Enforcement Today sources tell us that number is exponentially higher counting so-called “gotaways.” It has been reported that some of those caught included members of ISIS, which is a sworn enemy of the United States. 

Moreover, it isn’t only illegal aliens that are a concern to the United States. According to The PIE News, the State Department issued over 393,000 F-1 visas in FY-2023 through August last year. The number is expected to exceed the 411,131 issued in FY-2022 when final data is released. 

In the UK, an engineering student at the University of Birmingham was sentenced to life in prison for designing and building a so-called “kamikaze” drone for ISIS, The National News reported. Al Bared, a doctoral student at the university, began constructing the drone in July 2022. Officials say Bared built the weapon using a 3D printer after speaking to ISIS online. 

The outlet reported the Birmingham Crown Court heard notes found where Bared said the idea for the drone was “inspired by the design of the Tomahawk missile.” 

The court heard testimony that Bared intended to make a drone capable of transmitting live video for terrorism purposes and planned to travel to West Africa via Turkey. 

In September, he was found guilty by a jury that heard testimony that Bared planned to put together a prototype drone that he hoped would be capable of delivering a bomb or chemical weapon. He was convicted on a single count of engaging in conduct in preparation of terrorist acts to benefit a proscribed terrorist organization. 

Last week, the sentencing judge said Bared sought to lend his support to the “terrorist agenda” of ISIS. 

“I have no doubt that you intended your design to be used as a single-use weapon with a range of up to 5 kilometers,” the judge said. 

“Your preparations were undertaken with a view to endangering multiple lives.” The judge also noted that Bared’s design of the drone was “at best suspect and at worse [sic] fundamentally flawed. This was a work in progress.” 

The judge continued, “You are a manipulative individual. You are a committed extremist. I have no doubt that you are still today a supporter of ISIS. It is impossible to say whether you will ever surrender your extremist views. You are a dangerous offender for whom the public requires protection. 

“The seriousness of offending justifies a sentence of life imprisonment.” 

When Al Bared was arrested last January, officials seized the drone and a mobile phone, where encrypted online chats and other digital material exposing Bared’s support for ISIS were found. 

Over ten million illegals have entered the United States since Biden’s January 2021 installation. Well over two hundred terrorist suspects entered the United States under Biden. Over 400,000 F1 student visas were handed out last year. Is it possible that within that number that, there are perhaps a few hundred ISIS, Hamas, or Hezbollah sympathizers? A thousand? Maybe more…much more. 

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