Congressman: Newsom-subsidized Chinese biolab also received millions from Chinese Communist government

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FRESNO, CA - The name of California Governor Gavin Newsom has been floated among leftist media pundits as someone who could (or possibly should) replace the foundering Joe Biden as the Democrat Party’s nominee for next year’s presidential election. However, recent revelations may torpedo any aspirations Newsom may have. 

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier this year that a Chinese bio-lab discovered in Fresno, allegedly full of mice bioengineered to carry COVID-19, was in fact subsidized by Newsom. 

Quoting the California Globe, Gateway Pundit wrote:

At the epicenter of current controversy, an illegal California lab run by a Chinese biotech firm, Prestige BIotech, was recently discovered in a warehouse in Reedley, California. The lab contained mice which were genetically engineered to spread COVID-19. 

According to National Review, “court documents further showed that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) conducted tests on the more than 800 chemicals found at the site and that over 20 infectious agents were found present, including Hepatitis B and C, streptococcus pneumonia, chlamydia, rubella, and Herpes 1 and 5.” As a federal investigation is underway, where will the money trail lead us?


A document released on March 24, 2019 by Governor Newsom’s Office of Business and Economic Development, a California Competes tax credit allocation agreement of $360,000 was cemented with UMI. 

Jazz Shaw, writing for Hot Air, also added: 

No doubt Newsom’s office was simply tossing money around for “economic development” and had no idea of the shady business going on, but then again…they had no idea what shady business was going on and apparently accidentally helped fund an illegal Chinese biolab. 

You would think somebody keeps track of such things, and you would be wrong. Nobody actually cares about what the government funds, only that it toss a lot of green around. 

All of this is very troubling, and the only thing that keeps me from outright panicking is that Anthony Fauci hasn’t tried to assure me that everything is just fine and that pangolins or raccoon dogs were involved. 

The Gateway Pundit reported that this past week, Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Wisconsin), a member of the House Intelligence Committee, appeared on Sunday Morning Futures on Fox News, where he and guest host Sean Duffy were talking about the Chinese biolab. Gallagher revealed more information on the biolab, telling Duffy the biolab’s owner is an illegal Chinese alien and that the biolab was funded in part by the Chinese Communist government. 

Duffy asked Gallagher how many such labs were currently operating in the United States. 

“The honest answer is we don’t know,” Gallagher responded. “And what worries me in doing tis investigation, my committee conducted the investigation. We have a bipartisan report that explains the whole thing that Americans can read, is that the FBI director or the president turned to the FBI director and said, hey, we need to figure out how many of these we have in the United States, they wouldn’t even know where to begin.” 

Gallagher said the Chinese illegal entered the U.S. illegally while escaping a $330,000 judgment for intellectual property theft on behalf of the Chinese Communist government. 

“He set up this lab, and he was buying dangerous pathogens, including Ebola, including tuberculosis, including HIV, online,” Gallagher said. “So we have no tripwires in place, no safeguards in place, in order to prevent [a] potentially…hostile actor from buying dangerous pathogens in order to damage America.” 

Gallagher then noted that the lab was only discovered because a local building inspector saw a pipe sticking out of a building that was supposed to be abandoned, so they contacted the FBI. 

“The FBI said, well, we can’t investigate because there’s no ties to WMD [weapons of mass destruction], which is absurd…they called the CDC. The CDC hung up on them initially,” Gallagher said. “And it wasn’t until the local congressman got on the case that the CDC was forced to send a team to investigate. And that wasn’t until many, many months later.”4

Gallagher noted that this incident “has revealed a huge soft underbelly in our domestic and national security,” calling it “extremely troubling.” 

“We need to do more to prevent this from happening,” Gallagher continued. “We’ve all seen what can happen to our society when we don’t have vigilance against potential pathogens and a pandemic in the last few years.” 


“The one thing that the pandemic should have taught us is that you cannot trust the Chinese Communist Party when it comes to this issue.” 

Duffy then zeroed in on the fact that neither the FBI nor the CDC got involved initially and, in effect, “hung up the phone” on the local authorities reporting the issue. 

“It begs the question, did the CDC or the FBI actually know this lab existed?” Duffy asked. “Is that why they didn’t come in and investigate?” 

Gallagher replied that the House committee’s investigation showed neither the FBI nor the CDC knew about the lab until it was reported. When the local building official found the pipe, he entered the building, where he saw people in lab coats, most Chinese citizens. 

“And there were all these vials that were labeled in Mandarin, eventually discovered to be even labeled Ebola or HIV. There was one case where there was a freezer. When the CDC finally did get there, there was a medical grade freezer, and inside were these sort of silver Ziploc bags,” Gallagher told Duffy, “And because the baths themselves were not labeled Ebola, though the freezer was labeled Ebola, they refused to even test the sample. So even when they got on site, they refused to actually do their job.” 

Gallagher said the owner of the facility claimed to have a medical testing kit business involving pregnancy tests and COVID tests that were fake. 

“...and there’s really no business reason for him to be buying pathogens online,” Gallagher said. 

“And he was getting unexplained wire transfers from China. Over $2 million of unexplained wire transfers from China,” Gallagher said. “Again, extremely troubling.” 

Do you suppose Biden asked President Xi about this during his U.S. visit a couple of weeks ago? Inquiring minds want to know. 

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