Democrats continue hard veer to the far-left with new House members demanding we eliminate prisons in America

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WASHINGTON, DC- What do you do when you’re in the middle of one of the worst crime waves in modern American history? Well if you’re a progressive Democrat, you apparently call for the elimination of prisons. Town Hall reports that one newly elected member of the House, Summer Lee (D-PA) is an unabashed advocate of socialist policies.

Considering she hails from a state that elected a mentally challenged stroke victim as a United States Senator in the person of John Fetterman, that shouldn’t come as a surprise. “Instead of ‘thanking’ black women, black voters, and especially black organizers…give us the investments we need and deserve, redistribute wealth, end police violence, abolish the carceral state, commit to building black directed political power and reparations,” Lee said.

Now switch all of the “black” in the above sentence to white and you’d probably be called a racist. Not Lee, however. She’s a progressive. Lee however isn’t just looking for handouts for black Americans. Last year, with crime running rampant in Philadelphia, she introduced a bill to eliminate cash bail in the Keystone State.

Lee claimed, without facts to back it up, that a “majority” of those arrested “don’t pose a threat to society,” and therefore should not be subject to being incarcerated because they are unable to afford bail. Six years ago, she called Pennsylvania’s bail system as a “flaw in our system of justice” and “a threat to equal justice under the law.”

Like we said, one might think residents of her district would immediately dismiss her as a lunatic, but…Fetterman. Yet another freshman member of the House, Rep. Maxwell Frost (D-FL) also ran on an anti-police, anti-prison narrative. Twenty-five years old, we’ll give Frost the benefit of being a snowflake Gen Z-er who is still wet behind the ears. That fact became clear when he was denied an apartment rental in Washington, DC due to his “really bad” credit, the New York Post reported.

Of course Frost never held a real job in his life, having been “working” as a community organizer before residents of Orlando thought it would be a good idea to have him represent them in Congress. Oh, he did have experience as an Uber driver. Frost’s claim to fame is in 2020, he endorsed a group called Dream Defenders, which is geared toward ending police and prisons as part of their policy. The group is “geared towards people of color who share the goal of multi-racial organizing,” their website reads.

They advocate for “a prison [and] police-free society.” To nobody’s surprise, both Lee and Frost were endorsed by progressive senators Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA). Another checkmark on Frost’s resume is his arrest at a voter’s rights march in Washington, DC last year.

Frost claimed the arrest was an act of “non violence [sic] resistance,” however Park Police said that Frost “refused to comply after three dispersal warnings and were issued citations for incommoding.” Regarding Frost’s arrest, Willie Montague, an executive with a nonprofit said, “I guess he pulled out his ‘Black Privilege’ card, which I am told only works if you bow down to the masters of the progressive political plantation.”

Both Lee and Frost are also big fans of leaving our borders unprotected, which is a violation of the Constitution they will soon be swearing to uphGreold. They believe that illegal aliens should be able to remain in the United States and receive amnesty for breaking the law.

Both freshmen members of the House seem to be mirroring the trail blazed by Sandy (call me Alexandria-Ocasio) Cortez of Queens in New York City. Cortez has also advocated for the elimination of the “carceral” system, and has also advocated for the redistribution of wealth.

The addition of radicals such as Lee and Frost only contributes to the far-left lurch of the Democratic Party over the recent past, led by Cortez and her fellow “squad” members. The new House Minority Leader, Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-NY) makes current Speaker Nancy Pelosi seem almost Reaganesque in comparison.

Conservative states, such as the aforementioned Florida have also seen Democrats move far to the left. In Texas, they will also have a far-left progressive headed to Washington, DC as a member of the House, Rep.-elect Greg Casar, who doesn’t even try to disguise the fact that he’s a democratic socialist.

Unsurprisingly, he represents parts of Austin (far-left Democratic city) and San Antonio. The addition of more radical progressives to the likes of the squad only means the Democratic Party has taken a hard, far-left turn and there is probably no coming back.    
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