Targeted by the feds? Dinesh D'Souza, producer of the film "Police State," finds out first hand that does, in fact, exist

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Dinesh D’Souza, Dan Bongino, and other conservatives just released a documentary film called “Police State,” which examines the current state of affairs in the United States, which they propose has turned into exactly that–a police state. In an unbelievable case of irony, the United States Treasury has allegedly intercepted a bank transaction by the film’s producers. 

According to Natural News, the Department of the Treasury has blocked a transaction intended for the Salem Media Group, the film's producer. 

The outlet reports that the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network, part of the Department of the Treasury, intercepted a $106,000 payment that was supposed to be used to purchase ads for the film. That department is usually tasked with tracking terrorism and narcotics trafficking, yet decided in this case to interfere in a financial transaction entirely unrelated to either. 

The movie recently premiered online and in selected theatres across the US and, according to Reclaim The Net, “digs into the deploy troubling evolution of an escalating police state targeting the common citizen; the unprecedented political persecution orchestrated under the Biden regime is uncloaked for all to see.” 

In a discussion with Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft, D’Souza describes the current US as “a scary place to live, a chilling take on the reality of a fast-approaching police state.” 

When the film premiered at Donald Trump’s Florida property, Mar-a-Lago, Hoft told of his conversation with D’Souza and revealed that the federal government had blocked a transaction from the producers of Police State to the Salem Media Group. 

While some leftists accuse D’Souza of being something of a conspiracy theorist, polls seem to back up the notion that the country is indeed becoming a police state. Newsweek reported that a September Rasmussen poll found that 72 percent of voters worry that the country is becoming a police state, which the “poll described as a tyrannical government that engages in mass surveillance, censorship, ideological indoctrination, and targeting of political opponents.” 

The film also has its share of detractors, for example, far-left bomb-throwing Mother Jones, which complained of the film:

“None of the alleged victims in Police State are innocent people like George Floyd or Breonna Taylor, who literally died at the hands of overzealous cops.” 

Oh, Mother Jones…still pushing the Floyd story. 

Meanwhile, D’Souza told Newsweek, “Why would they intercept our domestic wire? They can’t seize our money and pretend there is some legitimate government purpose for doing it.”

Former Arizona gubernatorial candidate and current US Senate candidate Kari Lake told Newsweek, “We are living in a police state. It’s pretty apparent. Look at January 6 and the two tiers of justice. Our rights are slipping away, and more people are waking up to it.” 

Of Treasury’s interference in their financial transaction, D’Souza said, “Is this some kind of bureaucratic police state tactic to tie up our funds without explanation?” 

The fact the Office of Foreign Assets involved itself in this case seems to give credence to the film’s premise since the agency typically involves itself in foreign transactions, not something as simple as film ad buys. Unless, of course, the film goes against the desired narrative. 

It should be noted that the seized funds were eventually returned to D’Souza; however, the fact they did so in the first place is highly concerning. Why would the Department of the Treasury concern itself with a relatively small financial transaction between a filmmaker and an ad agency in the grand scheme of things? 

This film may be on to something. 

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