Radical Board of Ed candidates trying to bring 'inclusion' and 'diversity' or indoctrination to CT town?

Climate change is extensively discussed and highlighted across plenty of platforms. When you hear it, you immediately think weather, change of experiences throughout the seasons, and its effect on our lives.

There is another change in climate taking place, and it’s not the weather - it’s the change in social/political conditions affecting our lives.

It's not just a change in conditions; we are being conditioned by the extreme left. By "we," I mean they’re going after our kids.

Need proof? The Granby Democratic Board of Education (BOE) candidates’ slogan is “Balance the Board.” I suppose I never realized it was out of balance. This shouldn’t come as a surprise though, I mean they (the left) are notoriously known for disguising their indoctrination under terms that seem friendly.

For example, take the sexualization of children by exposing them to explicit books under the cover of diversity and inclusion/LGBTQIA+ awareness.

They, the Democratic BOE candidates (Monica Logan, Elizabeth Barlow, and Heather Lombardo), want a more "inclusive" environment, a more diverse environment.

Yet the last time I checked, all three are white females who have never walked a step in the shoes of someone who is actually diverse, let alone knowing what that diverse person truly needs/wants.

I wouldn’t expect anything different though from a group who advocates identifying as a woman, yet can’t define what a woman is. They use the terms to fit their agenda – the radical left indoctrination of our society.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the few self-conflicting comments made by these recent BOE candidates during the candidate forum in September:

Heather Lombardo spoke very highly of herself and how she uses, and will continue to use, data to quantify and drive change, for analysis, and to make appropriate decisions, etc.

That’s interesting, considering the following statement, directly from her Facebook page: “While the overwhelming majority expressed support for a :45 Pride acceptance video that was shown at the upper elementary school, the loud minority…”

She has no data to support that statement. It's clear to see that it's actually the opposite - the majority didn’t support it, the minority did!  How can someone who makes baseless inaccurate statements like that, yet prides herself on her data skills, be trusted with the well-being of our kids?

The only data Heather got right is the video is the length of the video being :45. She also said she’s not averse to conflict and will charge towards conflict but hasn’t been able to face parents on certain issues, and isn’t doing a Q&A session or public debate.

In one of her public Facebook posts, she even calls anyone opposing her views “bigots,” just for having a different perspective. This sounds like a pretty inclusive person to me for sure.

Lastly, her idea of diversity and inclusion, according to her, is more choice program kids. I didn’t realize that’s how D&I works, you just bus them in and magically you’re a more inclusive town.

Elizabeth Barlow repeatedly has spoken up for mental health and suicide, which should be addressed for sure, but her focus has been only on LGBTQIA+ kids and their mental health, as well as their suicide rates.

Is that true equity? The straight kids aren’t committing suicide? The straight kids aren’t having mental health issues? Also, what percentage of Granby kids really are LGBTQIA+? Are they really experiencing gender dysphoria or a mental health issue with the blurred line that is there?

Don’t worry, Elizabeth, in all her experience, knows the exact difference and will bring that balance to the board - balance the straight vs LGBTQIA+ imbalance…

Monica Logan did a great job at the debate - very politically correct in front of an audience. Monica also believes if you don’t like a book, pick a different book.

True, if you’re at an airport and don’t like a particular book/magazine, pick a different one. The conflict, though, arises when it’s involving kids. Adults can make self-reflecting conscious decisions, kids can’t.

How does a kid know which book to pick and which to not choose, especially when the cover is appealing to kids (intentionally)? Indoctrinating our kids much, Monica?

We’ll skip over the irony of the same people posting to simply pick a different book also calling for the banning of a particular song because they can’t simply change the station (remember the attack on Baby, It's Cold Outside?).

It’s time to wake up, neighbors and citizens. The radical left is aggressively trying to take over and hijack the local BOE, and that's just the start. What was originally a handful of colors on a flag and labeled LGBT is now constantly changing the flag and adding so many letters that they had to place a plus (+) at the “end” just to address the expansive insanity.

What else would you expect from people who take their kids to "pride" events and advocate for others to do the same? They aren’t trying to bring balance- that’s the cover.

They are trying to infiltrate and indoctrinate.
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