"It was all a big coverup": Derek Chauvin files appeal of his murder charge citing new evidence

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Derek Chauvin, convicted for the death of George Floyd who died while in police custody after ingesting a lethal amount of fentanyl, filed a motion in court last week to attempt to overturn his conviction. His reasoning is a claim of “new evidence” in the case.

Chauvin was convicted of a federal civil rights violation and is currently serving a 21-year sentence in Arizona.

According to the Associated Press, Dr. William Schaetzel contacted Chauvin’s attorney, Eric Nelson, in November of 2021 during the trial to tell him that he found evidence that Floyd actually died of a rare tumor called paraganglioma. This tumor would have caused a “fatal surge of adrenaline,” according to the doctor.

Dr. Schaetzel also, reportedly, contacted the judge and prosecution involved in the trial, and no one reportedly took the opinion into account, told Chauvin of the discovery, or researched it further, according to Chauvin.

During a conversation with the Associated Press, Dr. Schaetzel, from Topeka, Kansas, explained why he reached out to Chauvin, saying, “I can’t go to my grave with what I know. I just want the truth.”

Chauvin said that had he known this opinion, he wouldn’t have plead guilty. Further, he said that if a jury had the information from Dr. Schaetzel, he would not have been convicted. He also said that Nelson failed him when he didn’t “challenge the constitutionality of the federal charge.”

Chauvin reportedly filed the motion without an attorney. As a part of his plea deal, Chauvin waived the right to an appeal. However, there are stipulations connected to that, including the claim of “ineffective council.”

While the appeal has been rejected twice from a federal appeals court, Chauvin is now awaiting a decision from the US Supreme Court on whether they’ll hear the state appeals case. He is asking for either a new trial or at least a hearing to present the evidence offered by Dr. Schaetzel.

Dr. Schaetzel, a pathologist, did not examine Floyd’s body but reviewed autopsy reports.
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Give him a chance to state his case. When the case was tried the atmosphere was politically motivated and he did NOT recieve a fair trail.

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