Patriot Mail Project: How you can bring a little cheer to J6 political prisoners

The Patriot Mail Project is keeping tabs on those imprisoned for the January 6, 2021 incident at the United States Capitol. 

While areas of the gathering turned violent against police, the vast majority of the incident was thousands of people exercising their First Amendment rights in peacefully assembling.

Unfortunately, along with the few that were actually causing problems, hundreds of people have been convicted of crimes for something as simple as standing on Capitol grounds or entering the Capitol building, despite being allowed in by police officers on the ground.

Information has been slowly trickling out confirming what many already believed: There is a lot more to the J6 incident than our government is letting out.

As the rest of the country catches up on this information, we have an opportunity, thanks to the Patriot Mail Project, to keep a little bit of hope in the hearts of those who were imprisoned in connection to J6 for political reasons.

The site keeps track of the prisoners and where they're located and how you can send them mail with encouraging notes. This is especially important at Christmas time, but they also list their birthdays.

Someday, the full truth of January 6, 2021 will come to light and many of these people sitting in prison will be vindicated. For now, all we can do is keep them, and their families, in our prayers, and do our part to bring them a little bit of happiness.

Additionally, one of the wives of a J6 prisoner, Sarah Mcabee, runs a nonprofit, Stand in the Gap, which focused on re-entry of those who have been imporisoned into society.

Their website reads, "At Stand in the Gap, we offer a range of comprehensive services focused on re-entry, family support, and justice reform. Our re-entry programs provide essential resources, vocational training, education, and counseling to empower individuals transitioning back into society after incarceration.

"We also offer family services, assisting families in need through support programs, counseling, and resources to strengthen bonds and create a nurturing environment. Additionally, we actively advocate for justice reform by engaging with elected officials, lobbying for policy changes, and raising awareness about systemic issues.

"Through our services, we strive to make a meaningful impact and create a more inclusive and equitable society."
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