Explosive: Elon Musk asks why politicians seem more concerned with Ukraine’s border than the United States

EAGLE PASS, TX – Elon Musk, the billionaire who recently purchased X, (formally Twitter), has weighed in on the thousands of people crossing into the southern border of the United States by asking a simple question. Why do politicians seemingly care more about Ukraine instead of the border of the country?

Musk, the leader of SpaceX, Tesla, and X, accepted an invitation to Eagle Pass from Republican Representative Tony Gonzales who wanted him to view the border situation for himself. What Musk saw caused him to question why United States politicians are seemingly more concerned with Ukraine as opposed to the southern border of the country.

On X, he wrote:

“Why do so many American politicians from both parties care 100 times more about the Ukraine border than the USA border?”

Musk, who himself is an immigrant from Southern Africa, visited the southern border at a time when there has been a significant increase in border crossings. The increase has greatly affected Eagle Pass, along with El Paso and San Diego, California.

During his visit, Musk called for a change to current immigration law which would allow for an expeditated legal process for those seeking asylum. However, while he said he has no issue with “hard-working and honest” immigrants working to become part of the country, he does stand by the stance that those who attempt to enter the country through illegal means should be barred.

He said:

“We want to do both things – smooth out legal immigration and stop a flow of people that is of such magnitude that we’re leading to a collapse of social services.”

The invitation from Representative Gonzales came, at least in part, because he believes the residents along the southern border feel “abandoned.”

After the visit, Representative Gonzales released the following statement:

“My border district is in a state of crisis. Over the past two weeks, tens of thousands of migrants have arrived illegally with no end in sight. This is a national security and humanitarian disaster, and the need for action is no different than when a hurricane strikes. Yes, Washington’s response has been to point fingers, stall on solutions, and grind our government to a halt.

“Today, I spent the day in Eagle Pass, discussing a real path forward out of this crisis with Border Patrol Agents, local officials, and one of the most vocal advocates for fixing this problem-Elon Musk. Elon has brought more attention to the southern border than our own President, and I am confident that his coverage will shed light on this issue for all Americans to see.

“Border communities are tired of the broken promises and empty rhetoric coming out of Washington. The time to act is now.”

While Musk's opinion in Eagle Pass may have been welcome by Representative Gonzalez, his thoughts did not appear welcome when he recently weighed in on the German government rescuing immigrants and shipping them to Italy. When news of the rescue was published, Musk took to X to question Germany's governments knowledge of the incident.

Germany was quick to respond by saying they were aware of the rescue of the immigrants, and received a response from the German Foreign Affairs Office which wrote:

"Yes [they are aware]. And it's called saving lives."

In response, Musk wrote:

"So you’re actually proud of it. Interesting. Frankly, I doubt that a majority of the German public supports this. Have you run a poll?"

He then added:


"Surely it is a violation of the sovereignty of Italy for Germany to transport vast numbers of illegal immigrants to Italian soil? Has invasion vibes …" 

Time will tell if Musk's opinion in the immigration crisis in Europe, Italy specifically, will be as welcome in Germany as it seemingly was in the United States.

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