Far-left activists trying to free 'fellow trans comrade' who has been indicted on murder, arson and burglary charges

PUTNMAN COUNTY, FL - According to a report by Andy Ngo, editor-at-large for the Post Millennial, leftist activists are allegedly trying to free a transgender antifa member who has been indicted on charges including first-degree murder, arson and burglary.

Ngo wrote, "Antifa-linked far-left militants are fundraising for the release and legal aid of a Florida far-left trans activist accused of murdering a man, setting fire to his home and burglarizing his property." 

The suspect, 23-year-old Matthew Daniel Temael, who uses the alias name "Dandelion," was reportedly arrested in September over the murder of a man in Hawthorn, Putnam County Florida. The deadly incident took place in March. Temael has been accused of stabbing the victim, identified as Louis Stackhouse, to death and then setting his mobile home on fire before fleeing with the victim's vehicle.

Temael was caught with the stolen 2008 Saturn Sky in Tampa during a traffic stop. He attempted to flee that scene as well, but was caught by officers.

According to Ngo, "The website of extremist antifa-linked group, Anarchist Federation, put out a fundraising notice on November 19th about Temael, who uses 'she/her' pronouns."

The post on the website reads, in part, "We are a committee seeking to free our incarcerated comrade, Dandelion. We are starting this fund to help provide for some of the needs of our most marginalized comrades in this campaign ... Dandelion is a transfemme Palauan youth anarchist incarcerated in Florida ... We aim to free her and help support her needs while she is inside."

The post ended with, "Free Dandelion! Free all political prisoners and prisoners of war!" Temael was indicted by a Putnam County grand jury on charges of first-degree homicide, first-degree arson, burglary and vehicle theft. Temael was denied bond by a judge and in response came the campaign from the far-left activists.

As the post notes on Anarchist Federation, "We are a prison abolitionist committee seeking to free our incarcerated comrade, Dandelion. We made this fund to cover expenses related with the campaign. This includes the cost of maintaining inside contact, software or other materials." The money raised will also "go to the unnamed people running the campaign."

Temael is originally from Brooklyn Park, Minnesota and has a history if militant far-left activism there. According to reports, in July 2021, Temael was involved in a direct action in Pennington County, Minnesota, where she climbed on an excavator and locked herself in there. She was charged with a felony and misdemeanor trespass on critical infrastructure. 

Ngo reported, "Far-left activists in the U.S. have long supported and advocated for comrades accused of and convicted of serious violent crimes. Adherents of the 'prison abolition' ideology believe there should never be prison time for comrades, no matter the nature of the crime."

Temael is not the only far-left activist to have committed a serious violent crime that these far-left organizations are attempting to free from custody. Antifa members and other far-left allies in Portland, Oregon, fundraised and covered the $2.1 million state bond for Malik Fard Muhammad in 2021, who was later convicted of multiple counts of attempted murder.
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So...why does the writer refer to this thug as "she?"


I'am shocked, this RABID ANIMAL who was WHELPED FROM A SWINE, doesn't look like a criminal.


I'm sure "Dandolion" will enjoy being so feminine in a men's prison 🙄

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