Feds block probes into criminal violations involving 2020 Biden campaign

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WASHINGTON, DC - The hits keep coming as House Republicans continue their probe into possible criminal violations committed by the Biden crime family, Just The News reports.

Writing for the outlet, John Soloman writes that two federal agencies, the FBI and IRS, looked into allegations that Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign engaged in “campaign finance criminal violations” during the 2020 election.

It is alleged the campaign permitted a politically connected lawyer to intervene by paying off Hunter Biden’s extensive tax debt, however, investigators were thwarted by federal prosecutors. Then new revelations have been uncovered by congressional investigators, Solomon wrote.

The allegations initially gained daylight during interviews conducted by House investigators with two IRS whistleblowers and a retired FBI supervisor. Evidence uncovered over the past few weeks seems to support those allegations.

That evidence was discovered by the House Ways and Means Committee, the House Judiciary Committee, and the House Oversight Committee.

The trove of evidence includes a case summary memorandum written by IRS Agent Gary Shapley to his supervisors dated May 3, 2021. Shapley, a Supervisory Criminal Investigative Agent, alleged Lesley Wolf, a top prosecutor in the office of Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss’ office, thwarted the agents’ ability to investigate the case.

It should be noted that Weiss has since been appointed as special counsel by Attorney General Merrick Garland to investigate criminal allegations involving Hunter Biden.

Shapley testified to the committee under federal whistleblower statutes, which offer protection from retaliation. Lawmakers voted to make the information he provided public.

“This investigation has been hampered and slowed by claims of potential election meddling,” Shapley wrote in the memo, according to transcripts of his interview with the House Ways and Means Committee, during which “he read verbatim a passage from the memo” Solomon wrote. “Through interviews and review of evidence obtained, it appears there may be campaign finance criminal violations.”

“AUSA Wolf stated on the last prosecution team meeting that she did not want any of the agents to look into the allegation,” the memo stated, according to his interview.

“She cited a need to focus on the 2014 tax year, that we could not yet prove an allegation beyond a reasonable doubt, and that she does not want to include their Public Integrity Unit because they would take authority away from her. We do not agree with her obstruction on this matter.”

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), speaking to Just the News last week, acknowledged the campaign finance issue is a “newer matter” being investigated by his committee; however, he said it fits a pattern consistent with other areas of their probe, including search warrants and interviews that were “inexplicably turned down by prosecutors” investigating Hunter Biden, Solomon wrote.

“We’re just getting into this issue and the concerns,” Jordan said on the Just the News, No Noise television program. “But it wouldn’t surprise me if they were told to stand down because, remember, this investigation over a five-year timeframe was slow-walked.”

“This is something that I think is a concern because, you know, you had this individual come in and cover Hunter Biden’s tax liability,” Jordan continued. “That’s kind of interesting. And then, was, in fact, that a contribution to Mr. Biden’s campaign when he ran for president?”

Shapley was not the only federal agent who grew concerned over the campaign finance inquiry being throttled.

IRS Agent Joseph Ziegler, a subordinate of Shapley, told the House Ways and Means Committee in a transcribed interview earlier this year that IRS agents grew aware of the allegations of possible campaign finance violations after the 2020 election but were roadblocked by prosecutors.

As Shapley had done, Ziegler also provided testimony under the protection of whistleblower laws. Lawmakers voted to make the information public.

“Were you aware of any other limitations placed on investigators in this case that we haven’t discussed?” House investigators asked Ziegler.

For a moment, there was a short off-the-record pause in the interview. When it resumed, however, Ziegler told lawmakers of his concerns over the campaign finance probe being throttled.

“Yeah, things related to the campaign were kind of, at least during investigative stages, were off limits,” he told lawmakers.

“Do you mean the presidential campaign?” he was asked.

“Yes, the presidential campaign,” Ziegler answered.

“In 2020?”

“Yes, but we’d have not found out about it until after everything was done. So this would have been when we went overt. Does that make sense?” Ziegler testified.

That seems to allege the allegations involved the 2020 election campaign; however, were only uncovered after the election and when FBI and IRS agents began taking public action in the other Hunter Biden case starting in December 2020, Ziegler intimated.

Retired FBI Special Agent Timothy Thibault, in a transcribed interview before the House Judiciary Committee, seemed to confirm the campaign finance probe involving the 2020 Biden campaign.

Thibault, former No. 2 official in the FBI’s Washington field office, told lawmakers of an incident where a colleague in the FBI’s Delaware field office, as well as an official from FBI headquarters, requested he “take the temperature” of the U.S. Attorney’s office in Washington, D.C. about a newly unearthed aspect of the Hunter Biden investigation.

“They called me and asked me some questions,” Thibault told House Judiciary Committee investigators. “And (they) asked, it’s almost like, you know, my background was public corruption and whatnot. So it was about: ‘Hey, in your experience, what do you think about this?'”

Solomon wrote that angle appeared unrelated to the tax charges being investigated in Delaware, with Thibault noting he wasn’t even sure the FBI had opened an investigative file on the new allegation.

All of this ties together, with many players seemingly involved in the various investigations into former President Donald Trump. For example, Thibault was asked if he ever discussed the issue brought forth by the Delaware field office and FBI headquarters with the office of Washington, D.C. U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves, a Biden appointee. He said he did reach out but didn’t speak to Graves.

“Not Mr. Graves. I spoke to a gentleman named J.P. Conney,” Thibault said. In an interesting twist, Cooney, an experienced public integrity prosecutor in Washington, D.C., worked on January 6 prosecutions. He now serves as deputy to Special Counsel Jack Smith, who is prosecuting Trump for his activities related to the January 6 US Capitol siege—a pretty tangled, bureaucratic web.

Thibault was asked if he had spoken to Cooney before this.

“No. It was only one phone call,” Thibault said. “It was at the request of the Baltimore field office and headquarters that I make that call.”

“And was the call that they would, you know, push for a prosecution?” a House investigator asked.
“I don’t want to get into it because I don’t know if that matter was opened or not,” he replied. “…They were talking about a matter that maybe could have been venued in D.C.”

The tax payment in question, which totaled over $2 million to the IRS, was covered by a man named Kevin Morris, described as a “successful Hollywood lawyer,” according to the New York Times and other outlets. Morris and Hunter Biden met at a 2019 presidential fundraiser for Joe Biden. According to Shapley, that was the basis of the campaign finance violation allegations.

Shapley also raised Morris’s name in his transcribed interview.

“In late 2019-2020, a Kevin Patrick Morris comes into the picture. And he was described as meeting Hunter Biden at a campaign finance event. And he paid off several different tranches of tax due and owing, to include Federal and D.C. tax due and owing. And when they prepared some of these returns, they wrote that Kevin Patrick Morris gave him a loan for these. So that’s also not taxable,” Shapley said.

Solomon said Just the News contacted Morris, who did not respond to texts or phone calls seeking comment. A spokesman for Joe Biden, Ian Sams, declined to comment on the record, while Abbe Lowell, a Hunter Biden attorney, did not return an email seeking comment.

The new information raises more questions than it answers, Solomon wrote.

“…if the court document from the plea deal is correct and Morris is the third party who paid $2 million in delinquent Hunter Biden taxes in October 2022, why were agents already investigating the matter a year earlier and believe it was connected to the 2020 elections.”

According to NBC News, Hunter Biden has long had tax issues, including in 2019, when the IRS filed a tax lien against Hunter Biden and his now ex-wife Kathleen Buhle. That lien, amounting to $112,805.09, was paid off in March 2020, some eight months before the 2020 presidential election.

Moreover, the Washington Free Beacon reported Hunter Biden was slapped with a state tax lien totaling $453,890 from Washington, D.C., on July 9, 2020. Only six days later, the amount was paid in full. That payment was made despite the fact Hunter Biden testified in an Arkansas paternity case at that time that he had “no discernible income.”

Considering Hunter Biden publicly claimed he had severe financial difficulties, House investigators are trying to discover how he could pay off two substantial tax liens levied before the 2020 election and if he was aided in those efforts by Morris or another Biden supporter.

Morris’ generous donations to the Biden family, including Joe Biden’s campaign, caught the attention of House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer a year ago, with Comer writing, "Your sudden patronage of the President’s son, enormous financial contributions to President Biden, and outsized role you are taking in defending against both congressional and criminal investigations raise serious concerns about whether you are providing in-kind contributions to President Biden’s reelection efforts,” Comer wrote in June 2022.

“Committee Republicans request documents and information regarding your actions to shield Hunter Biden, and ultimately, President Biden, from congressional oversight.”

Shapley’s attorney, Tristan Leavitt,  told Just the News that after Wolf refused to allow campaign finance charges against Hunter Biden, he contacted his chain of command to advise them the probe was being blocked.

"One of the examples of a case being shut down that…Shapley talked about his transcript related to a Hollywood attorney named Kevin Patrick Morris.

“…Shapley talked about how Morris met Hunter Biden at a campaign finance event. Morris paid off the taxes that were due in late 2019, early 2020. And then, when agents went to Assistant U.S. Attorney Leslie Wolf and said so, that looks like there might be campaign finance violations. Leslie Wolf specified that she didn’t want them looking back at that. And she didn’t want to have to include the Public Integrity Unit.

“She didn’t want other people looking over her shoulder. And these are the types of disclosures that Gary Shapley made within his chain of command, saying this is obstruction, and we think there’s a real problem,” he continued.

The House Ways and Means Committee is expected to soon hold a vote to decide whether to release the additional evidence, including nine memos Shapley’s lawyers referenced in a public letter last week.
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This does NOT surprise me or millions of Americans any more and the coverups will continue until this corrupt regime is ousted totally. I pray that by that time it will not be too late.

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