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If the last four years taught us anything, it’s that we need to look out for each other. The unfortunate truth is that many people across the country, particularly left-leaning politicians, many celebrities, and social media influencers, labeled the law enforcement profession as the villain of society.

It is being proven repeatedly that this is not the case and that law enforcement is a critical part of a healthy society. 

With that said, this bizarre dynamic forced us to look after each other more than ever before. We can no longer believe every organization, political party, or even business supports law enforcement. 

That being said, it has recently led to more and more organizations catering exclusively to law enforcement, first responders, and even the conservative community as a whole.

And that is why the crowdfunding platform Help a Hero was created. 

Why Avoid GoFundMe

When people first come up with a need or desire to start a fundraising campaign, the first words uttered are usually “start a GoFundMe." It has replaced the phrase “fundraiser,” much like “look it up” has been replaced by “Google it.” 

Although sufficient in concept, GoFundMe has seemingly joined a long list of businesses and organizations that have become weaponized and embroiled in politically driven operational decisions. 

And who is on the receiving end of these decisions? The law enforcement and conservative community. 

The Daily Signal published a scathing piece on GoFundMe and how the fundraising platform has censored several conservative campaigns. Below are the examples, according to The Daily Signal.

In 2022, a massive crowdfunding campaign was created to support Canadian truckers known as the “Freedom Convoy." The campaign reached a staggering $10 million. However, GoFundMe pulled the plug and shut it down because it was “alleging violence.” Worse yet, they only returned the money to donors after public backlash and warnings from legal entities.

In 2020, a local parenting group in California had their GoFundMe campaign to raise money for a billboard canceled because it contained a message about warning people of the long-term consequences of gender transition in children.

In 2021, GoFundMe canceled a campaign over the group’s name “Super Straight,” which wanted to raise money for a rape crisis center for biological women only.

However, numerous campaigns supporting Antifa and BLM that led to further violence remained on the site time and again, according to The Daily Signal. 

Help A Hero – A Much Needed Service

Help A Hero was created to help everyone in the heroic community, such as law enforcement, first responders, and veterans to name a few, to start fundraising campaigns without fear of getting shut down. 

If GoFundMe is leaning hard left, it would be no surprise they would shut down any platform supporting a law enforcement officer. 

“My family and I strongly support the law enforcement community. Unfortunately, not everyone or every organization does these days. That’s why it was important for us to create and manage a platform specifically for the heroic community,” Stacey Yudin, CEO of Help A Hero told LET.

Stacey recently became the CEO of Help A Hero because of her staunch support of the law enforcement community and her desire to help those in need.

“The last thing anyone wants is to have their fundraiser canceled over politics, especially a hero who is in crisis and in dire need of funds – which is a reality in law enforcement,” Stacey said. 

If you want to start a fundraiser for any hero, and for any reason, visit Help a Hero to get started right away. 


Writer Eddie Molina is a veteran and has over 25 years of combined military/LEO service. He now owns and operates an apparel company

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