Pro-Palestinian protester sets themselves on fire in front of the Israeli Consulate office in midtown Atlanta

ATLANTA, GA - On Friday, December 1st, a protester set himself on fire outside the Israeli Consulate. In an attempt to intervene and stop the protester, a security guard was also injured. 

According to the Associated Press (AP), during a news conference, Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum said that a Palestinian flag was found at the scene and was part of the protest. The chief also said that initial investigations indicate that there is no connection to terrorism and that none of the consular staff were ever in any danger.

He said that the incident was contained to outside the building and that he was not aware of any effort to enter the building. He said, "We do not see any threat here. We believe it was an act of extreme political protest that occurred."

Fox 5 reported that the building were the person set himself on fire houses several other businesses along with the Israeli Consulate. The protester arrived in front of the building around 12:17 p.m. A security guard attempted to intervene and stop the protester, but was unsuccessful in doing so.

The protester, whose name, age, or gender has not yet been released, although video footage shows a male being loaded into an ambulance, was badly burned and transported to Grady Memorial Hospital where he remains in critical condition. The security guard was also burned on the leg and wrist, and was also taken to the hospital. The security guard's exact condition is unknown. 

According to Atlanta Fire Chief Roderick Smith, the protester set up outside the building and used gasoline as an accelerant. Chief Schierbaum said that police are aware of the heightened tensions between the local Jewish and Muslim communities, and have stepped up patrols in certain locations, including the Consulate. 

He added, "We have dedicated patrols that are occurring at this location and other locations across the city. We continue to ensure that everyone is protected in Atlanta, Georgia, regardless of your religion, your heritage or your nationality." 11 Alive reported that a spokesperson for the Israeli Consulate said that it was "saddened" to hear of the incident, which they called a "horrific" way to express their position towards Israel. 

Consul General Anat Sultan-Dadon said, "The sanctity of life is our highest value. Our prayers are with the security officer who was injured while trying to prevent this tragic act. We are grateful to the city of Atlanta's law enforcement and first responders for all they do to ensure safety."

In a comment, the FBI Atlanta Office said it "is aware of the incident and is coordinating with local law enforcement.'' Images from the scene reportedly show both local and federal investigators, including agents from ATF. While inspecting the aftermath of the incident, evidence markers were reportedly placed by charred bits of fabric, a backpack and what appeared to be a fuel canister surrounding a bench.

The AP reported that as the death toll rises in the Israel-Hamas war, demonstrations have been happening all across the United States and tensions within the country have escalated since the start of the war.

On October 7th, Hamas and other militants attacked Israel, killing nearly 1,200 people who were mostly civilians and taking 240 people captive. According to the Health Ministry over there, more than 15,200 people have been killed by Israeli's assault on Hamas-controlled Gaza.

There was a recent weeklong cease-fire that brought the exchanges of dozens of hostages held by Hamas for several dozen Palestinian prisoners being held by Israel. However, on Friday, December 1st, the war between Israel and Hamas started back up. 

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Good for them, now they'll know and understand the feeling when they make the trip to hell!!


If you are that stupid to set yourself on fire...Zero f's given. I just wish all those who support Hamas and the annihilation/destruction of Jews & Israel would suffer the same fate....sooner than later because that is their eternal fate in the lake of fire.

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