Career criminal allowed by courts to walk free steals police car, kills innocent couple after wrong-way wreck

SILVER SPRINGS, FL — Reports from Marion County revealed that a Florida woman on Thursday stole a patrol car from a deputy sheriff leading law enforcement on a high-speed chase across Highway 40 that led to tragedy. Kendra Boone, 33, driving at times at over 100 mph, crashed the police vehicle head-on into oncoming traffic striking a black truck and killing herself and two of its three passengers.

As reported by The New York Post, Marion County Sheriff's deputies answered a "suspicious incident" call pertaining to a woman, Boone, who allegedly attempted to steal and woman's keys at a Silver Springs store.

Deputy Chris Witte, the first officer to arrive, approached the suspect and rolled down his passenger-side window to speak with her. He is seen on video telling her to walk toward the back of his vehicle as he steps out of the Driver's side door.

It was at this moment that Boone seized on the opening and leaped into the vehicle through the open passenger window. She slid across to the driver's seat, slammed the vehicle into gear, and roared away as Witte pried the door open and attempted to stop her.

Bodycam video from the incident shows the nearly impossible quickness with which she accomplished the theft, leaving Witte to radio for assistance as another officer began immediate pursuit.

WESH 2 News shared the bodycam footage Sunday that led to the twenty-minute high-speed chase. Boone took off in the stolen patrol SUV and drove East on Highway 40 before being pursued by responding officers.

She reportedly drove erratically and was moving at "well over 100 miles per hour," according to Sheriff Billy Woods.

The Post reported that the chase ended horrifically when Boone moved into the right shoulder to pass a semi-truck and then merged back on the highway. At that point, she quickly lost control and crossed the centerline into oncoming traffic, where she collided with a black pickup truck carrying three people.

Two of them, a man and woman both aged 72, were pronounced dead at the scene along with Boone. The third passenger was hospitalized in critical condition.

Sheriff Woods gave a lengthy press conference following the tragic incident and explained that he and his deputies were gripped with "sheer panic" upon learning that a patrol vehicle was stolen. However, he vocally and ardently defended Deputy Witte, telling reporters, "My deputy did absolutely nothing wrong."

He commented on the speed of the theft, saying, "You saw how fast that happened. I don't care. Even my 34 years of experience that would've happened to me. I'm here to tell you, that would've happened to me."

Woods stressed that at the time of the incident, Witte had no way of knowing whether he was speaking with a suspect, a witness, or a victim, and that officers proceed from the assumption that most people are good.

Woods, when questioned on whether the vehicle being running was a factor in the incident, rejected the notion right out, saying "This moron stole a police vehicle and killed two human beings. What my policies are and procedures are mean nothing!"

The Sheriff went on to offer serious criticism for the legal system allowing Boone to walk free, showing a printout of her criminal history that was over twenty pages long detailing 13 felony charges, nine misdemeanors, and only two convictions on misdemeanors.

The only convictions were in Marion County, all of the others were in other counties and other judicial districts. He stressed that Boone was serving her sentence in 2022 when she was charged with bail violation in Orange County and was sentenced to a concurrent sentence rather than a consecutive one, saying she should have served 53 months. 

Wood told reporters, "If this person would have been in jail, I would not have two dead, innocent people. Her I don't give a crap about."

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