US government allows human trafficking at border, private military contractors moving minors into the US

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Submitted by Morgan Lerette

The US government is allowing human trafficking of minors from the US-Mexico border. Politicians don’t want to put their name on it so they’re contracting Private Military Companies (PMC’s), the same used in Iraq and Afghanistan, to move unaccompanied minors throughout the US. 

The firm MVM is notorious for having CIA contracts in Iraq is now the primary contractor on the border moving illegal immigrants. This arrangement allows MVM to subcontract to others who actively recruit on upstanding places such as Facebook.

Acri Defense is one such subcontractor. It’s nice knowing we don’t have enough money to secure the border, per our decrepit Commander and Chief, but have plenty to contract and subcontract out the things they don’t want US Government agencies to do.

I’m a recovering Army intelligence offcer and PMC who spend years in Iraq. The best way to identify people are with three data points: first name, last name, and date of birth. This is standard stuff you’d see on a birth certificate. When you go to a pharmacy, they ask for this to identify the person getting the prescription gets the correct medicine.

What are the chances an unaccompanied minor has this information? Nearly zero. They are dropped at the border and whisked, in the dead of night, to a “family member” with little to no documentation.

The government allows this because it doesn’t want to be accuse of putting “children in cages” while AOC cries waiving her Free Palestine flag. It’s not politically advantageous to do allow this if they can’t blame it on Trump so the next best option is outsourcing, contracting, and sub-contracting the movement of minors.

This has become the norm for government agencies – put a double arms distance between the agency tasked with the work and the people who do it. It was the same for me in Iraq when I worked for Blackwater. When something bad happened, the State Department could blame Blackwater who then blamed the contractor. Over the last 20 years of war, government agencies have learned how to have their cake and eat it too. 

MVM and their subcontractors are being rewarded for their efforts. I’m normally a fan of outsourcing US government functions to more efficient businesses but, in this case, the US government is outsourcing morality to avoid bad publicity.

What happens when the unaccompanied minor if dropped off with a “family member,” with no documentation confirming it, and they are sold into sex trafficking? I doubt Merrick Garland or Alejandro Mayorkas will shoulder the blame.

The blame will be placed on the contractors. They deserve part of it. They’re actively recruiting PMC’s under the guise of being a “Logistic Specialist” who takes the children from ICE custody and transfers them to the “Travel Youth Care Worker” who gets on a chartered plane to escort them across the nation.

These jobs descriptions make it sound like MVM is moving a pallet of bubble gum than a human. Using a third party to move humans under the guise of “logistics” is the epitome of human trafficking. The cartels dropping these kids at the border likely use the same language dropping these minors

Outsourcing the movement of minors, with little or no documentation, allows the Biden administration to pretend they’re being humane while avoiding culpability. If we don’t have enough money to secure the border, why are we paying PMCs to deal with the problems caused by it?

This is human trafficking and needs to be stopped.


About the Author: Morgan Lerette is the Author of Guns, Girls and Greed: I Was a Blackwater Mercenary in Iraq. He joined the Air Force in 1999 and participated in the Ground Offensive in Iraq in 2003. From 2004 - 2005, he was a private military contractor (PMC) for Blackwater in Iraq. Later he became an Army intelligence officer and served in Iraq in 2009 – 2010. Upon leaving the service he attended the Tufts University obtaining a Master of International Business degree in International Banking and Finance. 

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