Highest number of migrants at one time ever caught on video illegally crossing border

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EAGLE PASS, TX - Shocking footage has emerged out of Eagle Pass showing a massive number of migrants crossing the river from Mexico into Texas, which was caught on a Fox News drone.

The footage has jarred Americans as President Joe Biden has vowed to crack down recently on illegal border crossings. More than 2,200 migrants crossed the Rio Grande from Coahuila into Eagle Pass in one day in a deliberate assault on US Border Patrol coming from the cartels located in Mexico that currently run the border.  

Drug lords in Mexico use this tactic deliberately to divert the attention of United States authorities at the border so they can run drug and human trafficking operations elsewhere. As the clock struck midnight last morning, migrants could be seen trying to navigate the deep waters to reach the Texas side of the Rio Grande. 

One migrant could be heard loudly exclaiming that only a small amount of the illegal migrants were crossing at that time and there were hundreds, if not thousands more remaining in Mexico to cross later.

The drone footage was shot in the village of Piedras Negras, which is a Mexican town that sits directly across the river in Eagle Pass. As the sun broke through clouds in the morning, migrants were rounded up by US Border Patrol as they huddled under a bridge in Eagle Pass.

This latest wave of immigrants is thought to be from Venezuela and may have traveled up through Panama.

In March 2021, President Joe Biden pleaded with would-be migrants to not cross the border at Eagle Pass. "I can say quite clearly, don’t come," he said at the time. "We are in the process of getting set up. Do not leave your town or your city or community."

Biden also stated there would be "consequences" for those who cross illegally. Apparently, those at the border last night did not receive that message as this was the most flagrant violation of Biden’s statement to date. 

Joe Biden's disastrous border policy is starting to put federal shelters used to house migrants at dangerous capacity levels. Governors from states like Massachusetts and New York have openly chastised residents to open their homes to migrants coming into their cities.

Eagle Pass is not the only port of entry in Texas feeling the crush of the wave of migrants flowing in. El Paso, which is nearly 500 miles away, saw 1,700 migrants flow through in a 24-hour period last weekend. Further, the entire Texas-Mexico border saw a total of 9,400 migrants cross the border in a 24-hour span, and 4,200 migrants have now been housed at hotels because shelters are at capacity.

"The way it’s orchestrated through the cartels, I believe is meant to overwhelm the system. The places that are being the most affected are these border communities," said former El Paso city council member Claudia Rodriguez in an interview with the New York Post.

Texas Congressman Terry Gonzales shared frustration in a statement, saying, "Eagle Pass is completely overrun right now, El Paso is overwhelmed right now, Arizona is overrun right now. All Americans deserve to feel safe and secure in their communities and right now they do not. The only way to get control of the southern border is to enforce the laws that are on the books, and that is what congress intends to do."
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