In just two days this month, more Chinese nationals illegally crossed into U.S. than the entire year of 2021

Right in the nick of time, right Mr. Biden? In the same week where the White House has been floating the idea of a border “crackdown” comes news that the invasion of our country by Chinese nationals has been hitting a fever pitch. In fact, more illegal Chinese nationals entered the U.S. in two days this month than all of 2021, The Federalist reports. 

This week, the New York Post reported that Biden is planning to issue an executive order that would allow him to shut down the U.S.-Mexico border once the number of illegal crossings reaches 4,000 per day. That extrapolates to nearly 1.5 million illegals entering the country annually. Biden’s action to give the appearance of doing something to control the flow of illegals into the country is far too little, far too late. 

While the administration has been gaslighting the American people into believing the “migrants” coming to the United States are doing so for a “better life,” the fact is that an overwhelming majority of those who have entered the U.S. are from countries other than Mexico and most are single, military-aged males. They have come from all over the world, including Sudan, Iran, Venezuela, Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries, and the People’s Republic of China, among many others. 

It is those coming from the Middle East and China which have raised the most alarm bells. Unlike most countries, Chinese citizens don’t merely fly out of the country. They have to get permission from the Chinese Communist government in order to leave. So those who have somehow found their way thousands of miles across the Pacific Ocean and into our country are not walking on water. They are being flown to this side of the globe. 

As The Federalist notes, the influx of Chinese nationals entering the U.S. is particularly alarming. The outlet notes that “this phenomenon not only underscores a significant breach in national security, but also facilitates greater infiltration by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) into the U.S., which current federal policies not assessing the substantial risks of that infiltration. 

In the first two days of May, reports show that more Chinese nationals entered the country than in the entire year of 2021. This is attributed to what The Federalist called “an alarming oversimplification in the vetting process instituted by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), which has reduced the number of vetting questions asked of Chinese nationals from approximately 40 to only five. By so doing, DHS is prioritizing “processing efficiency” over national security, which causes massive vulnerabilities that could be exploited by bad actors, such as China, to embed espionage agents or worse within the country. 

The Federalist lays the blame for the focus on “processing efficiency” on Biden’s nonexistent border policies, with border patrol agents being so overwhelmed with illegal crossings and bogus asylum requests that standard national security measures have been mothballed. 

What can only be described as a cold war with China escalated this week when Biden slammed economic and trade sanctions on Chinese goods, including aluminum, computer chips, lithium-ion EV batteries, and other products. The irony in the EV batteries cannot be overlooked, since the administration is forcing draconian emission standards on American automakers to force the companies to focus on electric and hybrid electric vehicles. Many states are likewise trying to phase out the sale of gasoline-powered vehicles by the early 2030s. 

The sanctions are expected to see Beijing ramp up its doctrine of “unrestricted warfare,” “which advocates for the use of various tactics including economic pressure, cyber-attacks, and ideological infiltration.” The lack of proper screening and the high volume of Chinese nationals entering the US is therefore deeply concerning. Fears are not only that the Chinese nationals may engage in nefarious activities, but given the current nationwide demonstrations in support of Hamas, with many Asians participating, it may also be a goal to further social chaos in the U.S.

There is also the issue of fentanyl, with the CCP supplying Mexican drug cartels with the precursor materials for the manufacture of the deadly drug, along with other synthetic opioids. Moreover, the CCP is also assisting cartels with money laundering and financial transactions by using Chinese banks, businesses, and networks to move and hide their illegally-gained profits. They have also begun to engage in extensive illegal marijuana production and distribution networks, run by so-called “snakeheads”--Chinese organized crime that operates under the CCP

The use of drugs is nothing new, The Federalist reports. Famous Chinese dictator Mao once declared that “drug warfare, obtaining sudden and huge profits by spreading disaster in other countries” was part of the “three great campaigns” of the Chinese revolution. It has long been suggested that the CCP was behind a number of “armed insurgencies and terrorist groups in Southeast Asia, Latin America, and Africa by providing drugs and weapons in exchange for loyalty and influence.” 

According to The Federalist citing U.S. Customs and Border Protection, over 10,000 Chinese illegals have been apprehended since October 2022, contrasted with only 500 in the same period in 2021. And that only accounts for encounters and apprehensions, not so-called “gotaways.” Some of that increase could be attributed to economic and social uncertainties in China, the demand for cheap labor in the U.S. and the effectiveness of smugglers already embedded in the U.S. Still, it is difficult to just “walk out” of China. 

Law Enforcement Today has previously reported on the number of so-called Chinese “police stations” in cities throughout the U.S., including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Houston. The “stations” are staffed by so-called “volunteers,” who we are told help Chinese nationals with services such as renewing drivers’ licenses or passports. 

However, as we have reported and as The Federalist confirmed, these “police stations” are run by the CCP and operate as “overseas repression operations,” with the goal of “locating, intimidating, and silencing dissidents, activists, and critics of the regime.” It is also believed that due to Chinese law requiring Chinese nationals to engage in espionage wherever they are, these “police stations” ensure that they do so. 

The Federalist also noted that through allied United Front organizations, they also serve to “undermine the credibility and legitimacy of the U.S. government and its institutions, creating division and conflicts among Americans.” 

China has a strategy of “hybrid warfare,” which includes implementing various means “of coercion, pressure, and destabilization against the U.S. and its allies, such as cyberattacks, espionage, disinformation, and weaponized migration.” Note the last element. It’s fairly easy to argue that our migration system has been “weaponized.” 

None of this appears to be by accident, and seems to be the full-scale implementation of the Cloward-Piven Strategy, which is to overload the system until it breaks down. So-called “sanctuary” jurisdictions across the country are at that point, where they simply do not have the housing or infrastructure to handle the influx of illegals into their communities. That has resulted in “non-sanctuary” jurisdictions having to take the overflow. Simply put, it is not sustainable. 

The Federalist breaks down the current border situation and compares it to tactics used by Belarus against the EU, where mass migration was “used as a tool to overwhelm systems, sow discord, and destabilize regions. The outlet further notes that “in the US., this strategy aligns disturbingly well with the observed increase in Chinese illegal entries, suggesting a coordinated effort to exploit the U.S. immigration system’s current weaknesses.” 

Leading one to further concluded that none of this is by accident, actions (or more accurately, inactions) taken by the Biden administration has made the above issues worse. Instead of focusing on national security, the administration under feckless Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas has emphasized so-called “humanitarian” priorities, which has diverted border security officials from their primary duty of enforcing the border to instead handle administrative work to make entry into the country for illegal aliens seamless. 

The current administration has shown no interest in shutting off the invasion at the southern border, likely hoping that those they allow into the country will be future Democrat voters. None of these foreign invaders are being assimilated into our culture. Instead, as we’ve seen at college campuses and city streets across the country, they take down OUR flag and replace it with THEIRS, from so-called “repressive regimes” that they are ostensibly trying to escape. 

Instead of working with state governments to stop the flow into the country, the Biden administration has sued states such as Texas at every turn when they try to do what the federal government refuses to. 

The only hope for our country is to make a regime change in November. However, given what China has been able to do in only two days in May, eight months until Inauguration Day in January may be too late. A lame duck Biden is much more dangerous than the empty suit we’ve had in office for the past 3-½ years. By January 20, 2025, China may have the United States right where they want us…and that’s not good for any of us. 

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I warned that these engineered subversive activities would exponentiate in the coming years.


Just how many of these "refugees" are actually trained spies, whom Biden is enabling to invade our country? And why aren't they being photographed and fingerprinted as soon as they enter?

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