NGOs are complicit with the Biden administration in the invasion at our southern border, threatening our national security

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While many critics of the Biden administration’s open border policies have rightfully targeted progressive politicians, including Biden, one entity has been largely ignored for its complicity in the invasion of illegals into the United States. Law Enforcement Today, as well as conservatives like Dan Bongino and Mark Levin, have advocated for Republican attorneys general to use the same tactics on Democrats they have used to target former President Trump.

Perhaps it's time these AGs shifted their focus to non-governmental agencies or NGOs. 

According to ZeroHedge, Muckraker has uncovered “a treasure trove of ‘mass migration blueprints’ handed out by NGOs across South and Central America to illegal aliens with outlining details about their route to the southern border of the US. 

The website obtained a number of maps handed out by the NGOs, providing information on routes to take to the US and where to cross the border once they arrived here. Up until now, the existence of these maps hasn’t been reported in mainstream media since they are often lost during the journey. 

Muckraker said the documents were obtained directly from NGOs along the route from South and Central America to the US. 

“The collapse of the US southern border is the result of a carefully planned and deliberately executed industrial mass migration program,’ Muckraker said. 

For example, Map #1, distributed by Doctors Without Borders,” shows routes from Panama to Mexico; the back of that map shows routes across Mexico to the United States. 

A second map, Map #2, is distributed by The United Nations International Organization of Migration (IOM). That map identifies numerous commissions and consulates across Mexico. 

We have recently seen thousands of illegals using trains to traverse Mexico and end up near the US-Mexico border. Map #3, distributed by another NGO, Amigos Del Tren (Friends of the Train), shows train routes across Mexico. The back of that map identifies numerous hostels that can be found along train routes while also showing the distance between Mexican cities. 

The Red Cross also gets into the act, with Muckraker’s Map #4 showing freight train routes across Mexico, similar to Amigos Del Tren, while also listing 80 different stops between Panama and the United States. The back of that map provides advice on traveling the mass “migration” trail.

The back includes advice on how to “safely” ride a freight train and to avoid riding a freight train while “under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or medication that can make you drowsy.” 

Map #5, distributed by R4V (Refugees and Migrants from Venezuela), shows “migration routes” across Ecuador, with the back showing distance and transit times between Ecuadorian cities.

In the United States, NGOs are non-profits and, as such, are not responsible for paying federal income taxes, according to Investopedia. The site defines a nonprofit organization as “an entity that engages in activities for both public and private interest…” One might argue that it is hardly in the “public interest” of US taxpayers to assist in an invasion of our country. 

Even more outrageous, an August report from the progressive left-leaning media “watchdog” organization Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting said that Biden’s Department of Homeland Security allocated $363 million of US taxpayer money to NGOs to assist illegal aliens once they entered the United States. 

This fact has largely flown under the radar, despite Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, a Republican, last year issuing a press release where he detailed how “NGOs may be engaged in unlawfully orchestrating other border crossings through activities on both sides of the border, including in sectors other than El Paso.”

Equally as maddening, NGOs are helping illegals spread out across the United States through activities such as providing seats on commercial airlines. 

“A lot of NGOs are helping BIden open the border to unlimited illegal crossing,” said Byron York, chief political correspondent at the Washington Examiner. “But none of this could happen without the president’s approval.” 

All of the above appears to show the NGOs conspired with the Biden administration to endanger the sovereignty of the United States. The five NGOs addressed above are likely not the only ones complicit in endangering our national security. 

Catholic Charities USA, for example, has been identified as being knee-deep in assisting illegals once they enter the United States. George Soros’s Open Society Foundation is also up to its eyeballs in decimating our country’s sovereignty.

That is, according to the Heritage Foundation, their plan. They seek to destroy the West and the US in particular and believe “mass immigration and demographic change is a political benefit to them.” 

Clearly, it is time for attorneys general across the United States to take action against these NGOs. Unfortunately, with the IRS under Democrat control, little can be done to investigate the nonprofit status of these outfits. However, some type of congressional investigation is warranted in addition to any actions taken by the legal apparatus in the states impacted by this alien invasion. 

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