Law Enforcement Today owner speaks after being inducted into the National Law Enforcement Officer Hall of Fame

“Ladies and gentlemen, it is my proud honor to stand before you today to celebrate the remarkable achievements of an individual whose dedication to law enforcement transcends the boundaries of a conventional service. A man whose journey has been marked by unwavering commitment, profound patriotism, and unyielding spirit and stands as a beacon of inspiration for us all.”

These amazing words were spoken just before Law Enforcement Today’s owner Kyle Reyes took the stage as an inductee into the National Law Enforcement Officer Hall of Fame in March.

Reyes was inducted “not for his service as an officer, but for his unparalleled contributions as a civilian advocate for those who wear the badge with honor and pride.”

In true Reyes fashion, upon taking the stage to accept the award, he immediately humbled himself.

“So I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t belong up here on this stage because I’m not one of the many, many giants that are in this room. I’m not a hero, I’m a dude with a big mouth who likes to run it.”

He goes on to say, “We’ve got a big audience that we are trying to use to bring support to the law enforcement community. To pay honor to God for all of the blessings that we have and to ask for his protection over the men and women who serve and protect.”

This is the true heart of Kyle Reyes. Reyes jokes about being “a dude with a big mouth who likes to run it,” however he does not directly acknowledge that what comes out of his mouth is truth and love. A direct reflection of his heart for God, this country, law enforcement, family, and beyond.

Following hilarious comments about his attire and the southern hospitality that he was shown upon arrival for the ceremony, Reyes continued with his humble spirit, saying, “Today is not about me, it’s about every single one of you. It’s about the services and sacrifices that every single one of you have made.”

Reyes goes on to comment about being a man that is married out of his league with four little girls, to make another point: “Behind every great man out here is a better woman and a better family. And for every single officer that puts on that uniform every single day and kisses their loved ones goodbye and goes out into, let’s call it what it is, it is a battle these days. That is going into war in the streets of America, not knowing if they will return.”

“Behind every single man and woman doing that, it’s the woman or the man that’s holding down the fort. It’s the kids who didn’t get a say in this. It is their sacrifices as well that we tonight we have to honor,” Reyes said.

Reyes acknowledged his board of advisors, emphasizing that since he is not a cop, he wants to make sure that “moving forward, we truly represented the voice of law enforcement.”

In another moving moment, Reyes then presented a handcrafted wooden flag containing the logo of the International Conference of Police Chaplains, on behalf of Your American Flag Store, to a Chaplin in the audience. The Chaplin accepted on behalf of the Internation Conference of Police Chaplains.

Throughout his fifteen-minute speech, Reyes continues to share his heart and what drives him.

“We’ve been spending a tremendous amount of time just trying to capture the truth. And my ask of every single one of you is that you help us to hold true to our reporting, to our coverage, to make sure that we are properly representing the voice of law enforcement,” Reyes stated.

Watch his full speech here.
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