Town locals concerned over ‘diaper spa’ for adults with diaper fetishes (and it's near a children's park)

ATKINSON, NH – A business reportedly catering to adults harboring diaper fetishes has opened its doors in the New Hampshire city of Atkinson, spawning concerns among locals as to the sorts of clientele such an establishment would introduce to the area.

For those who are unaware, there is a fetish community known as "adult baby and diaper lovers," or ABDL for short, and the widely accepted name explains it all.

According to Protex Medical, a manufacturer of adult diapers for addressing incontinence issues, these fetishists are “a group of people who enjoy roleplaying as infants or toddlers,” which can include “wearing diapers, drinking from baby bottles, and engaging in other activities that simulate being a young child.”

While this particular fetish community is arguably among the fringes of the broader fetishist population, apparently there was at least a large enough demand – or perception thereof – for an aptly dubbed “diaper spa” to be opened up in New Hampshire.

Dr. Colleen Ann Murphy, a board-certified physician and sexologist, is the individual who opened the diaper spa in question, which is apparently in close proximity to a children’s park.

One area resident opposed to the diaper spa opening spoke with a local news outlet about the matter, echoing the concerns about children playing nearby the establishment whilst noting what sorts of clientele such an establishment would attract.

“I’m sure there’s a lot of kids that live around here, and what type of people are going to do that? People who are looking at children or being children by wearing diapers and being treated like a baby. That kind of concerns me. Who knows what that leads too.”

Kayla Gallagher, an Atkinson local, went as far as to establish a petition to put an end to the diaper spa’s operations. According to Gallagher’s online petition, the diaper spa’s website has even highlighted the neighboring children’s park as a means to entice would-be clientele.

“It has come to our attention that this business is advertised to individuals whose sexual fetish involves childlike behaviors. This business, per their website, has advertised our town playground to their potential clientele. Thus, their sexual fetish will involve the town park where our children play.”

While the website has since been updated to remove any references to the children’s park, the offered services outlined on the diaper spa’s website clearly paint a portrait of creating an environment to cater to a concerning fetish. Yet, the diaper spa’s owner claims the likes of treating adults like infants and offering an immersive nursery experience is a therapeutic treatment rather than a catering to an unnerving, sexualized fetish.

“It helps them process whatever trauma it was. A lot of times it’s childhood trauma when they were in diapers or just getting out of diapers and they want to feel that safety that they had before that.”

However, the assertions from Dr. Murphy as painting this diaper spa as more of a therapeutic treatment as opposed to a fetish playground seems insincere, as this is the same person who penned and posted the article “Destigmatizing Sissification and Realizing the Benefits” on the diaper spa website in question, which the aforementioned article openly discusses why men should embrace the “sissification” fetish – a.k.a., men dressing as women and engaging in sexually submissive roleplay.
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