Urgent Alert: Los Angeles DA George Gascon's secret scheme to release a convicted cop killer

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LOS ANGELES, CA - It is hard to rank the ineptitude of George Soros-funded district attorneys who have slithered their way into DA offices across the country backed by his heavy wallet. It is easy, however, to pick the worst…George Gascon of Los Angeles County. Despite stiff competition from now-former St. Louis circuit attorney Kim Gardner and Cook County (Chicago) district attorney Kim Foxx, that is. 

According to the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs (ALADS), Gascon is in the midst of secretly trying to let a convicted cop killer and Mexican Mafia member out of prison. This is one among many heinous criminals Gascon is seeking to release from California prisons. 

On May 29, 1979, Mexican cartel member Jesse Gonzales shot LA County Deputy Sheriff Jack Williams in the chest with a shotgun, mortally wounding him. Williams left behind two daughters, ages 11 and 12. 

According to ALADS, Gonzales was the self-proclaimed leader of the Puente street gang and a notorious drug dealer. Williams and other sheriff's deputies went to Gonzales’ home to serve a search warrant. Gonzales saw the deputies approaching while he was outside and ran into the house. 

Deputies knocked and announced their identities, and when they heard movement inside the house, they kicked in the front door. Deputy WIlliams never had a chance as he was struck with the shotgun blast. Deputies returned fire, wounding Gonzales. While being wheeled out to an ambulance, Gonzales allegedly raised his left fist and said, “Viva Puente!” while calling deputies “puto,” meaning fag. 

At trial, Gonzales was convicted of first-degree murder with special circumstance, that being the killing of a police officer in the lawful pursuit of his duties, and was sentenced to death. Over 40 years later, that sentence has still not been carried out. That has given Gascon enough time to carry out his underhanded scheme. 

During the time between his sentencing and Gascon’s election, the LA County District Attorney’s Office seemed committed to defending Gonzales’ conviction and sentence as legally validated. Every time, higher courts upheld both the conviction and sentence, however, Gonzales continues to appeal his conviction and is now using a Habeas Corpus petition under California Penal Code 1473. 

In what would typically be an unbelievable course of action for a district attorney, Gascon seems ready to cede to Gonzales’ demands, and by doing so, his conviction would be reversed, and he would be released from prison. However, we are talking about George Gascon, who has never met a violent prisoner he didn’t believe should be freed from prison. 

We aren’t talking about a typical street thug when it concerns Gonzales. He is a cop killer and, by virtue of his connections to the Mexican Mafia, one of the most violent criminals there is. That doesn’t matter to Gascon, who appears on a mission to release or otherwise mitigate all capital offenses prosecuted in LA County. 

How so? He has loaded the LA County DA’s office with former public defenders, who are typically left-leaning, pro-criminal types, to carry out his “progressive” policies. One such person is Shelan Joseph, tasked with all of the office’s capital case habeas claims. 

While working in the LA County Public Defender’s Office, Joseph served as Assistant Special Circumstance coordinator and oversaw the same capital cases, only this time on behalf of defendants. Despite what seems to be a clear conflict of interest, Gascon put Joseph in charge of prosecuting all capital habeas cases for LA County. However instead of attempting to defend those cases, Joseph has been capitulating, systematically conceding all defense claims and filing motions to reduce death sentences. 

Gascon apparently doesn’t want the public to find out what he is up to because he has not only kept them in the dark about what he’s doing but also his own prosecutors, who aren’t allowed to view the cases in the office’s case management system. When Gascon was sworn into office, there were approximately 65 pending Writs of Habeas Corpus in capital cases. Despite numerous FOIA requests under California’s Public Records Act, the LA County DA’s office has refused to provide information on the true number of Habeas Corpus cases still pending. 

Gascon is apparently getting cover from California Attorney General Rob Bonta, who filed Notices of WIthdrawal in all capital cases pending in the Los Angeles Superior Court. Under Prop 66, the AG is supposed to represent the People in habeas proceedings throughout California, however, Bonta’s decree changed that in Los Angeles County. The move was made at Gascon's request. “At the request of the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, the Attorney General’s Office hereby withdraws as attorney of record for the respondent. The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office is assuming full responsibility for acting on behalf of respondent,” said Bonta’s withdrawal notice. 

Gascon attempted to cover up his request by claiming on November 21, 2021: “Capital Habeas petitions in Los Angeles Superior Court are handled by the Clemency Case Coordinator who works with the Attorney General’s Office to coordinate the handling of these petitions.” 

One might think that 45 years in prison might have reformed Gonzales, but that does not appear to be true. He remains a member of the Mexican Mafia and, in fact, has risen through the ranks, having risen to become a so-called “shot caller” for the group. The Mexican Mafia is described as “a highly organized criminal gang within the California Department of Corrections.” 

What is a “shot caller?” It is someone who orders hits on enemies and directs gang activities from inside prison walls. Gonzales’ ties to the Mexican Mafia and his current status were confirmed last year in the trial against a man named Victor Sota (LA County Court case TA-146714). 

Gascon attempts to come across as “tough on crime” in his words; however, his actions paint a different picture. He also tries hiding what he is doing, burying facts that he believes won’t be embraced politically. Cutting loose a cop killer, especially in the current high-crime environment, wouldn’t be well-received politically, so Gascon attempted to get Williams’family to agree to a lighter sentence of 15 years to life, which would make Gonzales eligible for parole. They refused, and Gascon wasn’t able to lower his sentence. 

That led Gascon to engage in an underhanded and secret attempt to achieve his means, with he and Joseph now apparently willing to see a judge grant Gonzales’ claim of a Habeas Corpus violation. That would reverse the sentence and the conviction, resulting in Gonzales’ release from prison. This could all be prevented if Gascon does his job and upholds the rule of law by challenging the defense claims. Therefore, any reverse in course would have to be blamed on Gascon. 

As ALADS notes, this progressive jockeying by Gascon has proved agonizing for Deputy Williams’ daughters, who clearly want justice for their father. 

But George Gascon is not on the side of justice but instead on the side of social justice, and if that means releasing a violent cop killer, so be it. He simply does not care. 

It is high time the voters in Los Angeles County do the right thing and recall this imbecile. Prosecutors are supposed to enforce the law, not coddle criminals. Gascon has proved time and again he is incapable of doing that. 

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gascon, should be required to submit to his own EXECUTION. B.L.M. = "BLUE LIVES MATTER" and gascon's not at all.


Gascon is a disgrace to the Criminal Justice System ! California officials could remove him if they weren't as corrupt as he is !

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