Hate crime: Mother, father, and brother abuse teen boy for converting to Christianity, neighbors believe they deserve 'harsher punishment'

NASHVILLE, TN - A Muslim family has been accused of assaulting their teenage son for converting to Christianity. The mother, father and older brother of a teenage boy are set to appear in court Monday morning.

A neighbor, who wished to remain anonymous, told reporters that he rarely sees Rawaa Khawaji (the mother), John Kadum (the father), or Nick Kadum (the older brother) in the neighborhood.

“I always thought it was weird that they have so many cars and I never saw all of the people who were living in that house," said the neighbor.

Metro Police say on December 11, 2023 they found a teenage boy visibly shaken with bruises, cuts, and was trembling with lumps on his face.

John and Nick Kadum are out on bond after facing domestic assault and bodily injury charges, while the mother is facing charges for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The report states that the minor was punched in the face and spat at by his father Nick Kadum and that his mother Rawaa cut one of his hands with a knife.

The young man had been told by his family to renounce his Christianity and recommit himself to Islam.

According to WZTV, his mother, "along with his brother and father, repeatedly punched him and spat in his face." When member of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department arrived at the surburban Tennessee home, they found the boy "trembling and wide eyed" with "disheveled" hair. 

He said the attacks had continued up until the moment law enforcement arrived. The minor was then transported to the hospital and his parents and brother were charged with domestic assault.

Neighbors say this assault is all because their son wanted to become a Christian. Since then, the teenage boy is currently with a Christian foster family and is doing much better after relocating.

The neighbor claimed, "I’ve seen him twice since this happened. He’s great. I mean, he’s all smiles… He’s always just been the sweetest kid. Upbeat, he looks really healthy."

The neighbor continued to mention that the boy is the happiest he's seen him, but that they feel uneasy about the family members being out on bond. They believe this act of violence should be treated as a hate crime and that the family should have a harsher punishment.

“I think our judges in Davidson County slap most people on the wrists these days anyway, so I’m not shocked,” said the neighbor.

He went on to say they're praying this young man gets the justice he deserves.

The three family members are set to appear in court at 8:30 a.m. Monday.

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The family members should be deported. We do NOT need this in America. Hate crime, not just for the boy BUT for ALL Christens.


Convict and deport


Convict and deport

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