Revealed: Multimillionaire dumps over $20M into the main organization behind pro-Palestinian protests happening across US

According to the Daily Mail, a Connecticut-born multimillionaire tech entrepreneur and his activist wife have reportedly been funding the group who has been organizing pro-Palestinian protests all over the United States. 

Neville Roy Singham and his wife, Jodie Evans, have dumped nearly $20 million into the firm that is a major supporter of left-wing causes in the United States, including an international network of pro-China propaganda and anti-Israel protests.

The New York Post reported that since 2017, Singham has been the main funder of The People's Forum, which has co-organized at least four protests after 1,200 Israelis were brutally murdered by Hamas back on October 7th. One of those protests took place in Times Square on October 8th, just one day after the attack and before Israel could even count the lives that were lost.

The People's Forum, which is based out of Midtown Manhattan, calls itself a "movement incubator for working class and marginalized communities to build unity across historic lines of division at home and abroad." 

However, according to the Post, a review of public disclosure forms shows that multimillionaire Singham and wife Evans have donated over $20.4 million to The People's Forum between 2017 and 2022 through a series of shell organizations and donor advisory groups. These donations account for nearly all of the group's funding. 

The People's Forum has #13.6 million in total assets and employs 13 people. In the 1970s, Singham was probed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for his "inimical" connections to the United States. 

Singham's wealth stems from Thoughtworks, a software consulting company that he launched in 1993 in Chicago and then sold for a whopping $785 million back in August of 2017 to the private equity firm Apax Partners. That same year, The People's Forum was founded and set up just blocks away from Times Square.

Evans was reportedly installed as one of its three board members. In a statement after selling his company, Singham who is now 69-years-old, said, "I decided that at my age and extreme privilege, the best thing I could do was to give away most of my money in my lifetime."

However, according to the Post, Singham is "more than just a Marxist with deep pockets. He is also a China sympathizer who lives in Shanghai and has close ties to at least four propaganda news sites that boost the Chinese Communist Party's image abroad."

Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI), chairman of the House Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party, said that these Chinese media interests are helping sow discord in the United States. He said, "The Chinese Communist Party uses tools like Confucius Institutes on college campuses, TikTok's addictive algorithm and organizations like those that Mr. Singham funds to divide and weaken America."

The People's Forum reportedly organized "Shut It Down for Palestine" protests on November 4th and 9th where people at the protest entered the lobby of asset management giant BlackRock in a bid to end the United States support for Israel. 

The company's executive director, Manolo De Los Sar called the Washington, D.C. "March for Israel" a "Pro-Genocide March." On October 22nd, Evans herself posted images at a pro-Palestine rally in Los Angeles, holding a sign that read "Free free Palestine." 

She wrote, "Stay in the streets for our humanity - Biden has lost his heart and mind - a genocide is a crime against humanity. He must call for a ceasefire and the occupation must end." The on October 7th, just hours after Hamas slaughtered 1,200 unarmed Israeli citizens, Evans wrote, "Long live self-determination! Long live resistance! Free free Palestine! Long live Palestine!"

The People's Forum will continue to focus on its pro-Palestinian agenda as they call for "more marches, walk-outs, sit-ins and other forms of direct action directed at the political offices, businesses and workplaces that fund, invest and collaborate with Israeli genocide and occupation."
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If we had actual constitutional patriots in the federal government these kinds of people would be deported if not prosecuted for treason. But because the federal government including senior justice department officials, including the FBI and Secret service, are filled with traitors, nothing will happen.


If this guy is going to be funding Terrorists, then he should be treated as any other terrorist funder. He should be stripped of all funds and placed in Guantanamo Bay Camp for about 15 - 25 years of hard fun! Then, shipped one way to Palestine. Make sure that any women that support him and his actions get there at least a month or two ahead of him, and they have to fend for themselves.


AnotherLimosiene Liberal. He has made millions in the American Capitalist system, yet he turn around and bites the hand that fed him. Total hypocrite. He and Soros are the same lowlifes.


AnotherLimosiene Liberal. He has made millions in the American Capitalist system, yet he turn around and bites the hand that fed him. Total hypocrite. He and Soros are the same lowlifes.

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