NYC pilot program to take better care of illegals than homeless New Yorkers and veterans

NEW YORK CITY, NY - Illegal aliens began receiving prepaid debit cards in New York City this week as part of a "pilot program" in the city.

According to FOX News, the first round of debit cards were distributed on Monday “to a handful of migrant families in the city.” FOX News said this was confirmed to them by Mayor Eric Adams’ office.

The $53 million dollar pilot program provides illegal alien families of four that have two children under the age of five with as much as $350 per week. Money is to be used for the purchase of baby supplies and food and is being dispersed to those that are already being housed in hotels in New York City.

In order to be eligible for the program, the illegals are required to sign an affidavit agreeing to solely spend the money as stipulated or lose the funds. Convenience stores, grocery stores, supermarkets, and bodegas are the only places that the prepaid cards are to be used.

Mayor Adams’ office stated that the funds will be distributed weekly and that the use of the funds will be monitored.

A spokesperson from city hall issued a statement to Fox News Digital, touting the program as a “cost-saving measure [that] will replace the city’s current system of providing non-perishable food boxes to migrant families stating in hotels, much of which is often discarded.”

The statement continued, saying, “[A] large part of our success is due to our constant work to find new ways to better serve the hundreds of individuals and families arriving every single day, as well as the longtime New Yorkers experiencing homelessness who are already in our care. That is why we are excited to launch an innovative, cost-saving pilot program with Mobility Capital Finance to distribute pre-paid cards to migrant families to purchase only food and baby supplies.”

Ironically, many illegals may receive more money from the city than low income and elderly New Yorkers receive from the state under SNAP benefits. And to add insult to injury, illegals are receiving more than twice what single veterans receive from the state in monthly services.

New York City has seen around 180,000 illegals arrive since 2022, including those that Texas Governor Greg Abbott has bussed into the city. 

In February, New York City’s democrat Mayor Adams defended the pilot program amidst public opposition during a state level legislative budget hearing saying, “We’re not giving people American Express Cards.

“We found that the food delivery service that we set up during the emergency," he continued. "We could find a better way to do it in our belief that we want to cut 20% of the migrant costs. So we have a pilot project with 500 people that we are giving them food cards, so instead of a debit card, instead of having to deliver food, and have people eat food – we were seeing wasting food – they’re now able to get their own food, that is going to be spent $12 a day.

“This is a pilot program that we’re going to use that is going to save us $6.7 billion per year.”  

He also said that if the program is successful, the city plans to expand beyond asylum seekers and migrants. “We’d look to do that expansion throughout the entire system – trying to find smarter, more cost-effective ways to deal with this crisis that was dropped in our lap.”

New York City projects that it will spend around $10.6 billion on illegals by summer of 2025.

The pilot program is expected to last six weeks and will serve around 460 people, or 115 families over the next week.
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This is all part of the Democrats “ Grooming” process. They will turn these illegals into Democratic voters. The Big picture is the Democrats are going to push them to join the military. An Army full of soldiers with no Loyality to America or Americans. When they get enough illegals into the Army they will turn them loose on Americans. They will have no problem shooting Americans.

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