Op-ed: Newly released information shows George Floyd narrative was a hoax pushed by the far left

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"As FactCheck.org reported earlier in November, George Floyd's autopsy report never said he died of either asphyxia or strangulation. The report called the cause of death 'cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint and neck compression,' and the medical examiner later 

href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-r7psMh1DA" target="_blank">said in 2021 that he 'would still classify it as a homicide.'"

Newsguard assigns "trust and credibility" ratings which heavily impacts the monetization of news outlets that they feel do not accurately represent Newsguard's presentation of what they determine to be facts. In this case, Newsguard has determined that the opinion of LET's writer is incorrect.

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN - For anyone paying attention, it is clear there is something seriously wrong with our judicial system, which at one time was touted as the gold standard in the world. Over the past few years, however, we have seen the “justice” system fail one person after another. Even more disturbing is that Lady Justice, who wears a blindfold because our justice system is supposed to treat everyone fairly, no longer wears blinders. 

What we have witnessed over the past three years or so is we have a two-tiered justice system, and it all boils down to what side of the political spectrum one falls. The world is truly upside down, where criminals are hailed as heroes and police officers are treated like criminals. 

In a recent article, Revolver News published an article on precisely that topic, outlining how our judicial system, including juries, has collapsed, highlighting the case of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin as evidence. 

From the article:

The Anglo-American common law was supposed to save Derek Chauvin. That it failed to says a lot about the America we all actually live in now. 

It’s been two and a half years since the former Minneapolis police officer was convicted of murder for the death of drug addict and lifelong criminal George Floyd. Chauvin is barely one-tenth into his twenty-two-year prison sentence, which he is serving concurrently with a 21-year federal sentence for depriving Floyd of his “civil rights.” 

The Chauvin verdict was an obvious, sick joke from the moment it happened, but even on the American right, the full realization of this fact seems to have taken until the last few weeks. 

Helping to lead the charge was Fox host turned X-titan Tucker Carlson, who highlighted little-noticed recent developments in the Chauvin aftermath. 

In an X post, Carlson dug into the Chauvin case. As Tucker said, Chauvin was accused of killing Floyd because he was a racist, or at least that was the narrative. As a result of Floyd’s death, massive changes were made in policing to deal with “systemic racism” in policing. 

Among those changes was decriminalizing many criminal offenses, defunding the police, adding “Juneteenth” to the federal holiday calendar, and, of course, an overwhelming majority of television commercials now feature black or brown people, giving the appearance that the United States is overwhelmingly a non-white country. 

The worst thing, Carlson opines, that came out of the Floyd case was the sentencing of former Off. Derek Chauvin to a lengthy prison sentence. And as we are discovering, Chauvin may not have, in fact, murdered George Floyd. That is because of a current court case brought forth in Hennepin County, Minnesota, by a prosecutor, Amy Sweasy, who is suing her boss. 

In a deposition, Sweasyy describes a conversation between her and the county medical examiner, Dr. Andrew Baker, after Floyd died. In that deposition, Sweasy said:

“I called Dr. Baker early that morning to tell him about the [Floyd] case and to ask if he would perform the autopsy on Mr. Floyd. He called me later in the day on that Tuesday, and he told me that there were no medical findings that showed any injury to the vital structures of Mr. Floyd’s neck. There were no medical indications of asphyxia or strangulation.” 

By this diagnosis, it appears that Floyd was not, in fact, murdered by Chauvin. 

Continuing in her deposition, Baker told Sweasy:

“Amy, what happens when the actual evidence doesn’t match up with the public narrative that everyone’s already decided on?” 

“And then he said, ‘This is the kind of case that ends careers,’” Sweasy said. 

According to Alpha News, county prosecutors felt “extreme pressure” to charge Chauvin and the other three officers in Floyd’s death. Several attorneys in the office strongly opposed charging the other three officers in the case and withdrew, citing “professional and ethical rules.” 

Sweasy’s relationship with now-former County Attorney Mike Freeman went downhill after she and another attorney, Patrick Lofton, withdrew from the cases against the officers on June 3, 2020. Lofton said they were under pressure to file charges against the other three officers. 

“The Chauvin stuff is the catalyst of this,” Lofton said in a June 6 deposition. “There was extreme pressure, yes. The city was burning down.” 

Lofton said he supported charging Chauvin with third-degree murder but said the pressure from outside the office was “insane,” and he was hesitant to charge “the other three cops.” 

In speaking about his letter advising Freeman he wanted to withdraw, Lofton said:

“I wanted it in writing, and I wanted to make sure it was documented that I wasn’t going to let that situation, what was going on in the world, affect my judgment because I have to sleep at night no matter what, and so I wrote the letter, and I want it to be memorialized,” he said. 

“I can tell you that everyone that I associate with to any degree, professionally or personally, agreed with our decision,” he continued. 

As Carlson notes, the lie about Floyd being murdered was put out from the beginning by individuals who knew the truth yet pushed the narrative. 

The pushing of George Floyd as some kind of martyr continues, with the Biden White House recently commemorating his birthday as if he’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. incarnate. Meanwhile, Chauvin and three other former Minneapolis police officers languish in jail, victims of an apparent government-pushed hoax. 

Carlson’s analysis, however, is only the beginning. In what can only be described as a shocking revelation, Minnesota’s far-left Attorney General Keith Ellison, who led the prosecution of Chauvin, now admits that despite the narrative pushed by politicians, left-wing media, and so-called progressives, the death of George Floyd had exactly zero racial component to it.


So, let us look back at the summer of 2020 and the time since that fateful day in May 2020. Cities were burned, memorials and statues were desecrated, and people were killed because Americans were told the death of George Floyd was racially motivated murder when it was not. And everyone knew it, including those who hung not only the Minneapolis Police Department but police nationwide out to dry. 

In an interview on 60 Minutes, Ellison admitted to Scott Pelley there was no racial component whatsoever to the incident between the Minneapolis Police Department and George Floyd: 

Ellison: “Hate crimes are crimes where there is an explicit motive of bias. We don’t have any evidence that Derek Chauvin factored in George Floyd’s race as he did what he did.” 

Pelley: “You could have charged him with a hate crime under Minnesota law, and you chose not to.” 

Ellison: “Yeah, could have, um, but we only charge those crimes that we had evidence; we only charge those crimes that we had evidence, that we could put in front of a jury to prove.” 

So let’s think about this. Ellison knew early on there was no racial animus to the incident between the Minneapolis police officers and George Floyd. Yet at no time during the months of violent riots that followed did Ellison say so publicly. Would that have made a difference for the angry mobs of insane people who were on a mission to destroy the country? Perhaps not. 

However, look at the cost in lives, property, and national identity caused by this incident. A common criminal, who by all intents and purposes died because he was out of shape and on drugs, has been held up as a hero, yet the true heroes…those who serve our cities, towns, and states across the country…have been defined as racist thugs. All based on a lie perpetrated by the left. 

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