Shooting in leaves seven children injured - and it's the third weekend in a row with a mass shooting

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - A shooting in downtown Indianapolis late Saturday night has left at least seven children between the ages of 12 and 17 injured, according to authorities. The shooting took place near the Circle Centre Mall, where a large group had gathered.

Officers from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department were on patrol in the area when they heard several shots being fired around 11:00 p.m. local time. The officers immediately responded to the scene and discovered a large group of juveniles, including six who had sustained gunshot wounds.

The injured children were promptly transported to local hospitals for treatment. One victim, initially in critical condition, has since been upgraded to stable condition.

Additionally, a seventh child with a gunshot wound arrived separately at a hospital and was reported to be in stable condition.

Deputy Chief of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, Tanya Terry, expressed deep concern over the incident, stating, “It is extremely concerning to us that so many of our young people have been victims of gun violence this evening. Once again, we have a situation where young people are resolving conflict with gun violence, and it has to stop.”

Terry further indicated that investigators believe multiple firearms were involved in the shooting, though no suspects have been taken into custody as of Sunday morning.

The nature of the gathering that led to the shooting remains unclear.

This tragic event marks the third consecutive weekend in which Indianapolis police have responded to mass shootings in the area.

In the previous incidents, one person was killed and several others were injured both outside a bar and in a nightclub in Indy’s Broad Ripple neighborhood.

In response to the recent surge in gun violence, Terry disclosed that over 25 officers were patrolling the downtown area on Saturday night to prevent such incidents.

She emphasized the need for parents to be more vigilant about their children’s whereabouts, especially during late hours.

Authorities continue to investigate the incident, urging anyone with information to contact the IMPD Homicide Office.

Mayor Joe Hogsett made the following statement on the shooting, “This Easter Sunday, I am heartbroken for the young people whose lives have been impacted by what occurred last night. Let me be clear: a 12-year-old child has no business being out late at night anywhere without parental or adult supervision. As important, there is no reason why a young person at any age should be in possession of a gun.

"But no level of law enforcement or community programming can keep guns out of the hands of every young person in our city. Solutions will require all of us to address the ease with which our youth access and turn to firearms to solve their conflicts.

"The City of Indianapolis is continuing to build on our $150 million violence reduction strategy, including hiring a Chief Violence Prevention Officer who will focus exclusively on youth and working to prosecute those who provide firearms to minors.”
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Can we guess the COLOR of these so-called "victims?" Let's not forget that 5% of the US population (black males between the ages of 12-45) cause HALF the violent crime in this country!! It's hard to feel sorry for these "children" who are out late at night and CARRY GUNS!!!!


And how about charging the “parents” who know they are out at all hours of the night with no supervision. Otherwise it will just continue to get worse.


Its not ‘gun violence’ Its human violence And human child violence is a result of bad parenting

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