Soros-stooge Los Angeles DA George Gascon promotes cop-hater to become his chief of staff

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LOS ANGELES, CA - Only in Los Angeles. Far-left Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascon, probably the worst among the George Soros-funded stooge DAs across the country, just gave a virtual middle finger to Los Angeles police officers by promoting a far-left, anti-police former public defender to become his chief of staff, Fox News reports. 

Tiffany Blacknell, who previously served in Gascon’s office as a grade 4 prosecutor, special advisor, and chief of communications, was promoted to become Gascon’s chief of staff effective Jan. 16, multiple sources told Fox. 

Blacknell referred to Los Angeles police officers as “barbarians” during the George Floyd worship era, as well as “an occupying army,” while using the “#DefundPolice” hashtag in Twitter posts. Blacknell has also posted on X that “prison is obsolete” while calling on the United States to “reimagine America without it.” She sounds like a solid addition to the prosecutor’s office in America’s second-largest city. 

Blacknell also referenced radical leftist and Marxist hero Angela Davis:

“Angela Davis said it years ago. Prisons disappear problems, they don’t solve them,” Blacknell wrote. “We’ve been warehousing people for a generation it’s time to free America.” 

Even more egregious for someone who’s supposed to prosecute criminals, she has posted a picture of herself wearing a shirt reading, “the police are trained to kill us.” It sounds like she’ll do a spectacular job helping put criminals in jail. Oh, she also has admitted on Facebook that she participated in the looting that took place during the Rodney King riots. 

“I was a ‘looter’ in 1992. I was 15. I was furious, sad and scared. I had no way to process my emotions about the murder of Latasha Harlins or the beating of Rodney King. So we went out and we watched our city burn. And when the opportunity arose, we took some shit,” Blacknell wrote at the time. “So please don’t come on my page complaining about protestors or looters. Don’t text me SHIT about the Whole Foods in West Hollywood and your beloved Santa Monica. My whole community was leveled. Cry me a river! NORDSTROMS WILL BE OK. All this respectability by Black Folks and complaining by Westside white liberals is maddening.” 

As a point of reference, 62 people were killed, over 2,300 were injured, and thousands were arrested. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, the riots led to property damage totaling approximately $1 billion. Also, she complains about her “community” being “leveled?” Who exactly was responsible for that? She and her ilk, that’s who. 

When Gascon hired Blacknell, he was criticized by the union representing prosecutors in his office. Eric Siddall, then vice president of the union, told Fox Los Angeles that Grade 4 prosecutors are supposed to have prosecutorial experience, of which Blacknell didn’t have any: 

“What’s curious is that a grade 4 position requires prosecutorial experience. I don’t believe she has any,” Siddall added. “I think what’s really at issue is Mr. Gascon just doesn’t seem to follow the rules…this is really about political cronyism rather than someone who actually meets the qualification standards of a Grade 4 position.” 

Siddall said that according to office policy, someone at the Grade 4 level is responsible for prosecuting the most challenging and complex felony cases while having at least two years of experience working as a Grade 3 deputy DA. Blacknell did not meet that requirement. 

Blacknell was involved in an incident where she, along with others, conspired with a special adviser to Gascon, Mario Trujillo, to facilitate a “sweetheart” plea deal to a gang member, Rudy Dominguez, who was charged with murder in the gang retaliation shooting of a 26-year-old man in South LA in 2016. 

One piece of news that’s been buried among the weeds in Blacknell’s promotion is that of Joseph Iniguez to Chief Deputy District Attorney, who in 2021 was arrested for public intoxication. 

According to The Current Report, Iniguez sued the arresting department, claiming his rights had been “violated” during or by the arrest, claiming the arrest was made “with evil motive and intent, in disregard of the rights of the Plaintiff.” 

Ironically, as part of his duties, Iniguez oversees Gascon’s Justice System Integrity Division, which, as the name indicates, is responsible for prosecuting police officers and maintaining an index of officers with alleged histories of serious misconduct. 

The Current Report writes that Iniguez threatened to retaliate against the arresting officer in his case by using the power of the District Attorney’s Office, threatening to put that officer’s name on the so-called “Brady List” of allegedly dishonest police officers in Los Angeles County. 

It sounds like Gascon is doing a spectacular job embedding anti-police zealots in high positions in the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, just as Soros wants it. 

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