Study: Crime is on the rise and murders are increasing since the inception of "Black Lives Matter"

A study published in the Journal of Urban Economics has confirmed that crime is on the rise in connection to the mass riots since the inception of Black Lives Matter (BLM).

The (BLM) riots against police departments, particularly those in urban settings, led to an 11.5% increase in reported murders over the five years after they took place, the Daily Caller reports.

The study found BLM protests, which often turned into riots between 2014 and 2021, resulted in more than 3,000 additional murders, compared to 200 fewer instances where police used deadly force from 2014 to 2019. Meanwhile, property crime arrests dropped by 12%, and clearance of property crimes fell by 8%. The drop in clearances and arrests can be attributed to police stopping enforcing property crimes.

“A growing body of research has found that, after protests draw public attention to officer-involved killings, police officers become less proactive, pulling back from enforcing the law or other practices aimed at ensuring public safety due to fear of criticism, lawsuits, or low morale. And, as aversion to the criminal justice system increases and willingness to cooperate with law enforcement decreases, some resort to violence to resolve conflicts, potentially explaining the rise in homicides,” the study reads.

“Specifically, over the five years after local BLM protests, property crime arrests decreased by approximately 12%, while reported murders increased by roughly 11.5%, which is over 3000 additional homicides.

Moreover, the property crime clearance rate experienced a sharp decline of around 8%. These statistics are not only alarming but also offer compelling evidence of a substantial decrease in political activity,” the study added.

The study focused on over 1000 cities and towns that saw at least one BLM protest during 2014-21, based on data found on the web, including information about homicides, crime, and police behavior.

The study compared changes in police behavior during two periods, one between 2014-15 and the BLM riots following the Floyd death between 2020-21.

The report focused on lower-population cities in the earlier protest group, specifically those addressing an incident that occurred elsewhere. The researchers sought to look into so-called “spillover effects” from cities to counties.

The Heritage Foundation found BLM riots during 2020 saw murder rates rise by 30% compared to 2019, according to FBI data analyzed by the conservative group. The 2020 spike in murders was the most significant increase since the FBI started recording crime data in 1960.

BLM took off after the Trayvon Martin shooting, which was proven to not be a result of police misconduct. However, after criminal Michael Brown was shot and killed in Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014, BLM ramped up its activism. This is even though in both cases, the shooters—George Zimmerman, a civilian of Martin and Off. Darren Wilson—shot in self-defense.

Once BLM became active, anytime there was a police-involved shooting involving a black suspect, they could be counted on to take to the streets, often engaging in violent riots. That was exacerbated after the May  2020 death of George Floyd while in Minneapolis police custody.

The riots spread nationwide and resulted in billions of dollars in damage, thousands of injuries, and the murder of over a dozen civilians. It also motivated the “defund the police” movement, which is in no small way responsible for the escalating violent crime rate in the U.S.
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When politicians encourage lawlessness, when police are falsely accused of racism and brutality, when prosecutors let criminals go free and when courts fail to punish those found guilty of crimes, you end up with a lawless society. The levels of crime we are seeing is the direct result of these Leftist policies.

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