Report: Israel tried to use Monica Lewinski recordings against Bill Clinton, and the Clintons beat them

In July 2014, author Daniel Halper in his bombshell book “Clinton Inc: The Audacious Rebuilding of a Political Machine,” claimed to the world that Israel under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attempted to leverage then-President Bill Clinton to release former U.S. Naval Intelligence analyst and convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard from a life sentence in federal prison using Clinton's salacious conversations with intern Monica Lewinsky.

Pollard would later be released by order of the Clinton-connected President Barack Obama in 2011. But ten years later, the echoes are still reverberating.

Today in 2024, with the release of the heavily redacted documents related to the human trafficking and sexual abuses orchestrated by Jeffrey Epstein, the name of former President Clinton, and the galling tales of his “predilection for beautiful young women,” as Halper understated it, are again dominating the newsfeed.

As The Times of Israel pointed out in 2014, "Halper is not the first to claim that Israel illicitly taped the steamy conversations between Clinton and Lewinsky and tried to leverage it to its advantage."

In fact, this was a fairly common belief. This is particularly true given that nations with the technology to intercept microwave communications in Washington, D.C., such as Russia, China, and even our allies like the UK and Israel, were all playing the same game. So were we.

Halper, as an editor for the Weekly Standard, knew what his work would bring to him and wrote that he "was well aware that the former (and perhaps future) first family and its massive retinue of loyalty enforcers, professional defamers and assorted gadflies would rue my intent to examine the real Clintons.” He added that he'd been warned “of what to expect from the Clinton PR team.”

And sure enough, these proved true, as the outlet noted, "Copies of Halper’s book were sent out in PDF form to hundreds of reporters days before the book’s official release by a previously unknown individual, in what Halper suggests was an effort to reduce the impact of the book’s release."

To this day, what should've been a massive exposè leading to an international incident landed with a whisper.

How all of this ties into what we're seeing now is almost totally unrelated to Halper, Pollard, or Israel, but instead to Epstein and the method of release. Halper's book, as damning as it was, found its way conveniently into the hands of an extremely pro-Clinton mainstream media days before its release date, essentially killing its hype.

Likewise, the entire Saga of Jeffrey Epstein has been slowly and laboriously teased out in fits and starts since his death in 2019.

While somewhat different, both tactics seem to fit a similar pattern: letting the air out of a story either prematurely, or very slowly and gradually over a lengthy period, all the while mercilessly painting those seeking to expose the truth as "conspiracy theorists" or harvesting the one resource that the American media has generated in vast quantities for decades: apathy.

The connection here is that both of these scandals should have brought down the Clinton family and the complex web of political intrigue and operatives they've built around them, which today includes the current and prior Democrat Presidents: Joe Biden and Barack Obama, as well as the woman whose "turn" it was in 2016, the one anointed by her party and by the mainstream press: Hillary Rodham Clinton.

What Halper experienced in 2014 was a far smaller scale version of the full-blown media manipulation enterprise that we've lived with now for nearly a decade: Information Control., Fifth Generational Warfare targeted at our own people. Add to this, the recent revelation from Fox News that a leading prosecutor on Special Counsel Jack Smith’s investigation against former President Donald Trump deflected an FBI investigation into the Clinton Foundation in 2016, and the lengths that our government and the media will go to, just to protect the Clinton family are truly troubling.
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