[VIDEO] Cops call teen’s daddy after catching kid doing 132 mph

ORANGE COUNTY, FL – An Orange County Sheriff’s deputy clocked a 16-year old doing 132 MPH along Interstate 4 earlier this year, opting to call the teen’s parents to the scene to render a cautionary tale and also have his parents pick up the child and vehicle.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office released bodycam footage of a traffic stop conducted by Corporal Greg Rittger, which was only noted as having occurred earlier in 2023, where the deputy clocked a teenage driver doing 132 MPH down I-4. For the sake of context, the speed limit on interstates in Florida tops out at 70 MPH.

The shared bodycam footage starts at the point where the deputy is addressing the teenage driver, informing the young man of the excessive speed he was just clocked at and inquiring about who the vehicle belongs to and instructing the teen to call his father.

The Corporal can be heard saying to the young driver, “132 miles an hour…How old are you? You’re 16? Whose car is this? Call your father, I need him here now.”

When the teen’s father answers the phone, Corporal Rittger goes on to explain the situation at hand, emphasizing the speed clocked prior to the stop, and informing the father that he and one other licensed driver need to come pick up the young man and the vehicle.

“Dad, this is Corporal Rittger at the Orange County Sheriff’s Office," he said. "I need you to come out here and pick up your son. I’m on the express lanes, I-4 express lanes, I just clocked your son at 132 miles an hour. 132 miles an hour. Can you and another driver come get him? Thank you, sir.”

The deputy made his way back over to the teen behind the wheel, stressing the seriousness of the traffic violation insofar that if the teen were of the age of majority, he’d be getting hauled off to jail and the vehicle would be getting towed.

“Do you understand if you were 18, you’d be going to jail for reckless driving?" he warned. "Okay, you’re getting a speeding citation that requires a court appearance. You’ve got to appear in court, downtown Orlando.”

When the teen’s father and another unidentified driver arrived on the scene, Corporal Rittger reiterated the reason for the initial stop and segued into a personal story regarding another teen he’d stopped in the past under similar circumstances.

“I called you guys out here for two main reasons," the corporal said. "One, I want you to see it. 132 miles an hour. I guess personally, why I called you and made you come out here is I had a kid – about eight, nine, ten years ago – that I stopped in a brand new Mustang. And his parents were going through a divorce, they bought him this car and all this. He was like 16. We go to court, both parents are there. Their lawyer was there. And I talked to them, I said, ‘Look, this kid, his car is too much for him he’s not going to handle.’”

The deputy claimed the parents of the teen at the center of the story ensured him that they were going to take the car away from him, but Corporal Rittger stated that clearly the parents’ assurances didn’t come to fruition and resulted in tragedy for the family.

“About two months later," he continued, "I saw the attorney again, and he says, ‘Yeah, three weeks after that court date, he wrapped the car around a tree.’ And now these parents don’t have a kid.”

Following the eye-opening story shared by Corporal Rittger, the deputy went on to detail the next steps associated with the citation as well as the possible outcomes that could arise from the infraction. “I did not charge him reckless criminal," he said. "If he was 18, he’d be going to jail, and the car would be towed. So, just letting you know…The statutory fine is $1,104. That’s a statutory fine. The judge can impose whatever he wants, plus court costs…The judge may take his license away for a year. I don’t know.”

Watch the video of the stop below.

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