Violent illegal immigrants 'flip off' reporters after arrest and release for savagely beating officer - how'd this happen?

NEW YORK, NY - A group of illegal immigrants made international headlines this week after participating in a brutal gang-style beating of two NYPD police officers on Saturday near a shelter by Times Square. One of the participants, 22-year-old Jhoan Boada, promptly made the rude gesture of raising both of his extended middle fingers to waiting reporters while smirking upon his no-cash-bail release from custody. 

Boada and six other illegal immigrants are facing serious charges of assault on a police officer, gang assault, obstructing governmental administration, and disorderly conduct according to Fox News

The outlet reported that in addition to Boada and four other assailants, two more illegal immigrants were subsequently arrested on charges of robbery and felony assault. 

The attack, which reportedly included the theft of an officer's cell phone that was later recovered, resulting in the robbery charge, began when the two officers encountered the group of illegal immigrants loitering and asked them to move along. The assailants resisted and a fracas broke out, with the officers seen on video attempting to force a yellow-jacketed suspect to the ground.

Within seconds, an assailant wearing a hood and a backpack is visible in the footage kicking one of the officers forcefully in the head. At the time, the officer was fighting on the ground with another of the violent illegal immigrants, who was kicking the officer in the back. As noted by Fox News, still another assailant arrived and attempted to deliver a large swinging kick to the officers' heads, but, failing to land the blow, that suspect fell to the ground.

The two officers assaulted sustained minor injuries and the suspects fled. Authorities are reportedly still seeking two of the suspects, according to the NYPD. The Chief of Patrol John Chell called the assault "reprehensible" and branded the assailants "cowards" during a press conference Wednesday. 

"You saw the video," he said. "You have eight people attacking a lieutenant and a cop. Running up to them and trying to kick them in the face. Reprehensible! Cowards! We must change this, end of story."

Chell told NY1, "You want to know why our cops are getting assaulted? There’s no consequences."

The New York Post reported that the five men arrested initially, including Boada, were released without bail conditions. The outlet reported Thursday that sources within the NYPD believe at least four of the illegal immigrants could be on the run in California, having been placed on a bus Wednesday with fake names by a church-affiliated nonprofit group.

Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Hendry responded to the incident and the suspect's release with condemnation in a statement after the arraignment. "Our criminal system is upside down,” he told reporters. “What message does it send to every New York City police officer, who is on the streets of the city of New York every single day risking their lives to protect New Yorkers? If we’re not protected, how are we going to protect the people in the neighborhoods?”
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If I was a peace officer in NYC, I would seriously consider quitting and going someplace where I was appreciated. Unless and until the citizens of NYC vote in a completely new set of leaders I would not stay.


The illegals being release is not as shocking because of the state this occurred in but what is equally or more shocking is they were given different names etc by a church group to get them to CA. That church group should be sanctioned for doing this and loose all tax exempt privileges - but we all know that isn’t going to happen. The police in NYC should strike and/or quit and move on. Where are the groups/organizations to help these police?


It's been reported this whole immigrant invasion is run by the Biden Administration in conjunction with the UN and numerous NGO's, including Catholic Charities (and IMO the timely war against Catholics is a cover). The identities are changed when they are over the border and given ID's, phones, money, etc., as the reporters have found most dump their CoO ID prior to entry (some actually flown in). It's a criminal syndicate operation. First the Cartels get their money and then we give it to them to send back to their family. Vicious circle all paid by US! NY & CA don't care...they are making bank over this as well. Just look at Eric Adams...he's not asking the Admin to stop letting/bringing them in - he's asking for monetary assistance, which is a charade. Not over by a long shot if Biden gets his 5K a day allowed deal, which is just 1/2 of the highest numbers in 12/2023. I believe the article says the Police Benevolent Association responded with condemnation, but sounds like nothing can be done until powers that be are voted out of office. Look up Law and Border with Ben Bergquam on Rumble, lot's of info about the NGO's, etc.


I just can't believe some of the news items coming out of the US. They bailed the offenders? What a disgrace and a snub to the officers assaulted.

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