Chicago PD officer sues city for refusing to allow him to change his 'assigned ' race

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CHICAGO, IL - According to the New York Post, Chicago Police Officer Mohammad Yusuf, 43, is suing the city for refusing to allow him to change his race from caucasian after the city announced police officers were, however, allowed to change their gender to match their chosen identity. 

In his lawsuit, Yusuf claims that he wants to change his race on official records from “caucasian” to Egyptian and African American, which he now claims to identify as. After the Chicago Police Department (CPD) and the city of Chicago refused to allow the change, he filed suit. 

The department, Yusuf wrote in his suit that the department allows an officer’s “gender identity [to be] corrected to match their lived experience.” 

Yusuf claims the decision is negatively impacting his career advancement. 

Fox News, meanwhile, reached out to the CPD for a statement, however, they responded that they “do not comment on pending litigation.” 

In his lawsuit, the 20-year veteran of the department alleges he has been overlooked for promotions due to his “caucasian” race. In contrast, such promotions have been routinely given to minority applicants, with only very few going to caucasian applicants. 

Yusuf’s suit alleged that the department’s promotional system “particularly” benefits “minority candidates” no matter how they scored on promotional tests. 

Yusuf cited an example where he said that he “scored in the first promotional tier” on a 2019 sergeant’s examination but was not promoted then and still has not received such a promotion. Yusuf cited “over 75 Merit Promotions to sergeant,” with “less than five” going to candidates who are white. 

“Despite Yusuf’s exemplary qualifications and the purported race-neutral policy of the Merit System, Yusuf has been repeatedly bypassed for promotion in favor of less qualified candidates, based on their race, especially African American officers, some of whom had disciplinary issues and were not suitable for the responsibilities of a sergeant,” the suit read. 

When he joined the police department in 2019, there were only three race selections: Caucasian, Black, and Hispanic. Yusuf chose “Caucasian,” which was entered on his official record. 

Currently, CPD has expanded that list to include nine racial designations. Despite that, he has been unable to change his race to more accurately reflect his identity due to what is referred to as a “blanket prohibition” against an officer changing their race, the filing said. 

The department made him jump through numerous hoops after he was rejected multiple times, including submitting to a DNA test, before his race could be changed. Yusuf provided the results of a “23 and Me” DNA test, which proved his heritage and race, yet the department still refused to change his race. 

‘The Racial Identity Policy Ban facially and intentionally discriminates against certain individuals based on personally identifiable characteristics like race,” the suit alleges. 

In the case of “gender identity,” however, department employees are not required to show documentation or other proof of their “transition,” One America News Network reported. 

Yusuf’s lawsuit claims the City of Chicago and the CPD's policy violates Title V of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

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I've been expecting this and I'm SO glad it's a LEO who gets to hold the Woke's DEI's feet-to-the-fire! The Equal Rights Act and the EEOC laws (and Affirmative Action) already 'cover' all protected classes, and as different subsections of classes have developed in our society, the laws have been revised to include them in the list of protected classes against whom discrimination is illegal. But the Woke folks who instituted DEI did so as a means to reintroduce racism in a more 'palatable' guise, but RACISM cannot be disguised as this case CLEARLY demonstrates and I hope Officer Yusuf's stance against DEI's racist agenda is lauded across our nation and that he's hailed as a trailblazer for anti-racism! I can't applaud him long or loud enough! BRAVO!!!


I agree. I hope he pushes this and keeps on pushing this. Our institutions are being run by a bunch of woke idiots and cowards who are too afraid to stand up to this nonsense. Not sure which is worse...the woke idiots or the cowards, but, together, they are in the process of destroying this once great country.


my prayers are with you sir and anyone being discriminated. supposed to be peacemakers. not like this.


Ye Ha, stick it to them!!!!


Officer Yusuf made my day.


LOL, mine too


Biologically, there is a better argument to change your assigned race than gender.


He is on to something. If gender is determined by how you perceive yourself, then actually coming from Eygpt shouldn’t even factor in. Most white males feel and believe as though they are minorities now so that should be enough.


One World for WHITES ... ONE WORLD FOR DARKS.... and THEY/SHE/HE'S/IT'S started this for PROFIT and GREED. You are EITHER an AMERICAN or you are NOT ! I think I will change mine to GERMAN AMERICAN !




Just why should incompetent people be favored because they happen to have dark skin? Keep in mind that so-called "minorities" are minorities in the USA only. So far as world population is concerned, Whites are the smallest minority.


This favoritism of less competent Blacks and females is prevalent in virtually all police departments. I worked for the SFPD for six years, and it was common practice to favor low-scoring, incompetent Blacks over competent Whites. Such favoritism is responsible for the huge increase in crime, and the ineffectiveness, low clearance rates, and corruption of many modern police departments.

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