White retired police chief intentionally fatally run over by two black men all but ignored by mainstream media

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LAS VEGAS, NV – Back in August, a retired police chief was out cycling and was fatally struck by a teenage driver.

Weeks later, released video of the incident shows that the 64-year-old man was intentionally struck by the 17-year-old boy, whose name has still not been released due to his age. The victim, Andreas Probst, retired as the police chief of Bell, California back in 2009.

After discovering the video, police said that the initial charges against the driver would be upgraded to include an open murder count.

That video has since circulated social media and it shows the driver ask, “Ready?” to the passenger, who was laughing while filming and who responded back by saying, “Yeah, hit his (expletive).”

As of this writing, charges against the passenger who filmed the intentional, deadly crash and who seemingly encouraged the driver to go through with it, have not been announced.

On X, formerly Twitter, a clip of the video was shared by actor James Woods, who commented, “They stole a car and murdered a perfectly innocent man for laughs. When will it end? And more importantly how will it end?”

Fox News commentator Greg Gutfeld went as far as to compare the imagery in the video to an ISIS beheading, writing, “A public execution. Filmed. We need new leadership that sees that the new threat of terror is within, and put an end to this reign of evil.”

It should be noted that for several weeks, this story was quarantined to local media coverage only. Once the video circulated social media, several people expressed their outrage, some pointing to the fact that because Probst was white and the suspects were black, the media was turning a blind eye.

Ian Miles Cheong wrote on X, “This video has received 1/1000th of the coverage of the Jordan Neely subway incident. If the races were reversed, it would be the only thing the media would be talking about. The life of the guy they ran over simply doesn’t matter because he is white.”

John LeFevre wrote, “Two teens stole a car and filmed themselves murdering an innocent cyclist for laughs. Reverse the races … and it’s a national media story for a month, complete with a televised Ben Crump press conference and a Biden speech on white terrorism.”

Cernovich commented, “None of the anti-Trump cyclist forums have mentioned this. Not that this is news, but they are all phones, anyone Democrat or left wing. This should be biggest story in country.”

Eva Vlaardingerbroek wrote on X, “This retired police chief (64) was run over ‘for fun’ by two black guys last week, when he was out cycling. The victim’s name was Andreas Probst. His killers live-streamed their indescribably evil hit-and-run. Watching it will make your stomach turn, but because the victim is white, the media won’t push a global campaign on his behalf and he’ll quickly be forgotten.”

Probst had a 35-year career in law enforcement. He retire in 2009 and moved to Las Vegas, where he had a remote job for a security consulting firm. Probst took up cycling as a way to stay in shape.

On September 7th, community members gathered at the scene of the fatal crash to honor Probst with a Ghost Bike, a permanently installed bike painted white to mark the collision point.

At the memorial, Probst’s wife, Crystal, said, “He was an amazing man, a husband. A father, a brother.”

His daughter Taylor added, “He was honestly like a ray of sunshine that just bled through your life.”
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