Young girl, 11, fatally shot in the street by her older brother who then shot himself in what appears to be a murder-suicide

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MEDICAL LAKE, WA - The Spokane County Sheriff's Office (SCSO) confirmed that an 11-year-old girl was fatally shot by her brother, who then turned the gun on himself. 

SCSO said that on Sunday, November 26th, deputies responded to a report of a female that had been laying in the middle of the road. The young girl was transported to a nearby hospital where she succumbed to her injuries. The young girl has been identified as Lilea Stolworthy, who goes by Lily. 

According to police, witnesses said that Lily was contacted by an adult male sibling just before the sound of a gunshot or vehicle backfire was heard. Shortly after, Lily's adult sibling, identified as 31-year-old Jordan Lyn Brownlow, was reportedly found slumped over unconscious in a green Ford Mustang a few blocks away from where Lily was shot. 

He was taken to the hospital in critical condition. As of this writing, his condition is still unknown. However, KHQ cited that his mother reported that he has been officially declared dead while still on life support to make organ donation arrangements, and KXLY stated that he is not expected to survive his injuries. 

The Spokane Medical Examiner confirmed that Lily died by a gunshot wound to the head. Detectives believe that Jordan, the brother, shot and killed Lily before turning the gun on himself. 

On Wednesday, November 29th, Darel Stolworthy, Lily and Jordan's mother, said that both of her kids, of the 12 she shares with her husband, had been struggling with mental health issues for a long time. She said that both Lily and Jordan attempted suicide on multiple occasions.  

The mother said that Lily had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and at times, would be violent at home. She was on medication, but the mother said medication without counseling was not enough. They allegedly were unable to find Lily a good mental health facility where she could stay to be treated for her disorder, but Lily declined to go due to the time commitment or the facilty wouldn't take Lily due to her young age.

The mother then recalled her last conversation with Lily before the fatal shooting, which she said Lily told her that she "wanted to be done" with life. The mother also said she genuinely believes that Jordan's awful, violent actions that day were done to "protect their family."

Initially, Lily's parents told detectives that Lily had been having some behavioral issues as of late and was home to retrieve some of her belongings. They said she went out to her brother's car to get the items and he was seen on surveillance video shooting her and driving away.

The affidavit stated that after the shooting, Jordan sent a group text message to the family members and his roommate that read, "I'm sorry. Please forgive me." The motive for the shooting was not outlined in the court documents. The affidavit only contained the information pertaining to the evidence detectives were looking to seize.

The search warrant filed in court sought to seize guns, ammunition and other firearm items; cell phones, bills, letters, invoices, rental agreements, fingerprints, personal property, keys; trace evidence like hair, fibers and fingernails; bodily fluids like DNA, blood, semen and saliva.

The mother said that she is not sure if both Lily and Jordan planned to commit the murder-suicide ahead of time, but she does believe that both of her kids are now at peace.

On Thursday, November 30th, a vigil took place at Wilcox Park in Medical Lake, Washington. Close to 100 people gathered in the cold weather to share stories about Lily. In the center of the crowd was a table with photos of her, many screenshots from social media apps like Snapchat where attached to poster boards. Lily's friends wrote notes on the posters. 

Natasha Hargrave, the mother of Adrianna, one of Lily's closest friends, said, "She was loved. I was so thankful to see everybody came just to see how many people loved Lily."

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