Massive discovery: Over 70 illegal immigrants from Africa found living in NYC furniture store

NEW YORK CITY, NY - In an unexpected discovery, a furniture store in New York City became an improvised home for approximately 70 African migrants. 

Ebou Sarr, a man originally from Senegal, opened a furniture store in Queens. Initially, he allowed two friends to stay in the store's basement, creating a makeshift living arrangement that later attracted more migrants seeking shelter.

A view of the basement of Sarr’s furniture store where a building inspection led to the discovery of at least 74 migrants living in the tight basement, according to the New York Post.

Living conditions in the store were far from ideal. The migrants slept in close quarters on bunk beds, necessitating a system where they took turns resting due to the cramped space. Disturbing videos showed small rooms with safety concerns, and the store's backyard raised complaints from neighbors due to the presence of numerous electric bikes.

Speaking in French, 41-year-old Gueye Dèmba, a Senegalese migrant who moved into the furniture store about a month ago after his 30 days in shelter ran out, said, “We shared everything, we were friends, we felt good there.”

Sarr, acting as a host, charged each migrant $300 per month for their stay, providing meals in return. However, city officials intervened when they discovered problems like illegal plumbing, severe overcrowding, and inadequate ventilation. In response, the New York City Department of Buildings issued a vacate order for parts of the store.

The city's involvement was triggered by a complaint about the electric bikes in the store's backyard. Upon arrival, the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) issued a partial vacate order, leading to the evacuation of many migrants. The affected individuals were then offered bus rides and temporary shelter, with some finding accommodation in a waiting room in the Bronx.

Ebou Sarr, the store owner, defended his actions, stating that he charged the migrants to assist them and provided meals. Despite his perspective, reports indicated that only half of the migrants could sleep at any given time, raising concerns about the living conditions.

Mayor Eric Adams stepped in to address the situation, emphasizing the city's response to a complaint about the electric bikes. He defended the success of a 30-day program designed to provide shelter for migrants, underscoring the importance of placing individuals in proper settings.

"It was first reported to the FDNY, and then DOB came in and made sure that those who were there were removed and given the services that are available," Adams said during his weekly briefing at City Hall on Tuesday, according to QNS.

We’re still investigating what happened here. When you have situations like we are facing here, there’s going to be an attempt to exploit it, there’s going to be an attempt to do illegal housing, so we have an obligation with DOB, FDNY and all of our services to respond and take [the] necessary action that was done last night."

Ebou Sarr, the owner of the store, said there was enough space for the migrants to live. 

Sarr, the furniture store owner, thinks differently, “They were desperate. That’s why we had to do something, do something, that’s better than what they’re [The City] doing,” Sarr said. “I mean they’re human beings.”
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WTF, he's making $21,000 per month for those illegals, he could care less about their welfare...


If Joe Biden gets elected in the next election, we will know absolutely that our elections are being compromised by the Democrats. Can you imagine, just on the illegals he's allowed to become part of our country costing taxpayers 14 billion dollars each year and rising, being re-elected? I don't know what the Democrats planned, but this takeover of America has been shrewdly planed, but they are so far out of line they may never get elected again. American citizens have lost so much it's ridiculous to think any sane person would vote for them again.

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