Buffalo Police Commissioner Gramaglia presents crime reduction strategies at White House

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia took center stage at the White House alongside counterparts from seven other cities to discuss a notable accomplishment – a 20.8% reduction in violent crime rates since 2019.

Joe Biden acknowledged the collective efforts of these law enforcement leaders, emphasizing the substantial impact on driving violent crime rates to historic lows. Gramaglia delved into Buffalo's success story and the innovative strategies that propelled this positive change.

At the heart of Buffalo's achievement is the micro-violent hotspot crime reduction plan, launched in March 2022. Gramaglia explained the plan's intricacies, involving the division of the city into small grids and the strategic deployment of officers based on data predicting potential crime hotspots.

This approach goes beyond a mere reactive stance by proactively positioning law enforcement where crime might occur.

But it's not just about addressing hotspots; it's about community engagement. Officers spend short, focused periods in these grids, activating flashers, stepping out of their cars, and engaging with residents. This approach aims to build trust, a key component emphasized not only by Gramaglia but by fellow commissioners present at the White House discussion.

Commissioner Gramaglia assumed his role as the 42nd Police Commissioner of Buffalo on March 2, 2022, bringing with him over 28 years of police experience. His educational background includes a bachelor's degree in communications and a Master's of Public Administration. He has actively participated in programs like the FBI National Executive Institute and the Police Executive Research Forum’s Senior Management Institute for Police, showcasing a commitment to continuous learning.

A staunch advocate against gun and gang violence, Gramaglia has championed community engagement and data-driven strategies throughout his career. Under his leadership, evidence-based strategies have been implemented, including an enhanced custom notification program and the successful 2022 micro-hot spot violent crime reduction plan.

Gramaglia's career within the Buffalo Police Department illustrates a commitment to public safety. Starting as a public safety officer in 1994, he progressed through various roles, including police officer, Lieutenant, Captain, Chief, and Deputy Police Commissioner of Operations. His diverse experiences, including being a scuba diver in the Underwater Rescue and Recovery Team, underscore the breadth of his contributions to the department.

As a member and 2nd Vice President of associations like the Major Cities Chiefs' Association and the Police Executive Research Forum, Commissioner Gramaglia contributes nationally to advancing policing strategies. This involvement reflects a dedication to collaboration and sharing successful strategies that extend beyond Buffalo's city limits.

In essence, Buffalo's Police Commissioner Gramaglia showcased the city's success in crime reduction at the White House, emphasizing the innovative micro-violent hotspot plan and the vital role of community engagement. President Biden's acknowledgment underscored the collective achievements of law enforcement leaders in driving down violent crime rates nationally.

Gramaglia's leadership and commitment to evidence-based strategies have not only benefited Buffalo but have also contributed to shaping effective policing strategies at the national level. As communities nationwide grapple with crime-related challenges, lessons from Buffalo could provide a blueprint for effective and community-oriented law enforcement strategies.

“If the community trusts the police department, then they're going to come forward, and they're going to provide information to us because they know that we're going to do something about it,” Commissioner Gramaglia said.
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Thank you Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia! It's about time for someone to step up with some common sense Ideas!


Thank you Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia! It's about time for someone to step up with some common sense Ideas!

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