California lawmakers introduce bill to protect pedophiles who sexually abuse innocent kids

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SACRAMENTO, CA- If you’re a pedophile and want to rape sweet, innocent, young children, then California is the state for you. If you’re a parent who cares about the safety of your sweet, innocent, young children, then get the hell out of California. The far left is going even further off the deep end, an act I didn’t think was even possible.  And the ones most affected by their proposed asinine legislation are those very children you want so much to protect, and pedophiles want so much to molest.

State Senator Scott Wiener (I’m not even going to comment on the appropriateness of his name here) and Assemblywoman Susan Eggman co-introduced Senate bill 145, which they say will “end blatant discrimination against LGBT young people regarding California’s sex offender registry.” The legislation reads, in part: “This bill would authorize a person convicted of certain offenses involving minors to seek discretionary relief from the duty to register if the person is not more than 10 years older than the minor.”

Wiener said (try to take him seriously despite his name): “Currently, for consensual yet illegal sexual relations between a teenager age 15 and over and a partner within 10 years of age, ‘sexual intercourse’ (i.e., vaginal intercourse) does not require the offender to go onto the sex offender registry; rather, the judge decides based on the facts of the case whether sex offender registration is warranted or unwarranted. By contrast, for other forms of intercourse — specifically, oral and anal intercourse — sex offender registration is mandated under all situations, with no judicial discretion.” What does all that mean?

It means that the left believes that it’s LGBTQ-ist to not require a pedophile to register as a sex offender just because he sticks his penis inside of a little boy’s butt (hey, it’s crass, but this is reality here, people).  There’s no age listed in this legislation as there is in current law, so depending on the sexual abuser’s age, this could potentially stop protecting children at the age of 8. It means that a bleeding-heart judge can allow a sex offender to just “live his truth” because, hey, it’s not his fault that he is obsessed with and turned on by children.

It means that an 18-year old man can engage in sexual intercourse or activities with an 8-year old boy or girl and would not necessarily have to register as a sex offender. Just read those last few sentences one more time to make sure you are taking in the absolute horrendousness of it.

How can this even be a possibility, you might be asking? I know that’s one question, among many others, that I had after taking in this information.  The answer is just as absurd as the legislation:  because if the pervert is able to be qualified as LGBTQP (yes, that “P” is for “Pedophilia”), then he is just “expressing himself” in his child fetish. Because, yes, let’s allow our children to be molested and raped, all in the name of “equality.” All so that some sicko can take sexual advantage of innocent young humans.

All so these sick, child-obsessed deviants can feel included and not feel abnormal. Well, guess what?  Sorry to tell you, but SEXUALLY TOUCHING A CHILD IS ABNORMAL. I don’t care how un-inclusive I sound, that’s just the bottom line.  It’s NOT normal to be obsessed with children in a sexual way.  It’s NOT ok to allow someone to molest a child because you don’t want to make him feel bad about himself. It’s NOT ok to put the perverted indulgences of someone with obviously severe mental health issues above the safety of our children.

I can’t put it any better than The National Sentinel: “It’s not ‘discrimination’ to arrest someone and charge them with sexually abusing a minor if in fact there is evidence of the crime. It’s not discriminatory to convict and sentence them. It’s not discriminatory to make them register as sex offenders, regardless of their sexual orientation.  Unless, of course, you’re a lunatic pervert yourself.” This is not about LQBTQ rights, this is not a homo- or trans-phobic issue.  It’s not a party issue.  This is about protecting our babies.  Our children don’t deserve to be exploited and sexually abused just because we don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.

If they have the right to “express themselves” by molesting and raping children, then surely the parents of said children have the right to “express” their displeasure with the acts by kicking their asses? No.  Not in California.  That would be a hate crime. SB 145 was introduced in last January’s legislative session but suspended before it reached the floor for vote in September.  Reports from the LGBTQ community raged that the bill was just a ruse to get votes for the 2020 election, and they may be right. If I were a Californian, though, I wouldn’t be taking any chances.
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