Chicago airport, local police precincts being used as 'temporary housing' for hundreds of illegal immigrants

CHICAGO, IL – Law Enforcement Today recently reported about efforts by officials in Chicago to house busloads of illegal immigrants showing up in the Windy City from overwhelmed southern states like Arizona and Texas.

Now, along with other measures, the city is using one of the nation’s busiest airports as a makeshift shelter.

As reported by the Epoch Times, the airport was cleared for approximately 100 immigrants to be temporarily housed there. Now, nearly four times as many are living behind black curtains. Video shows that numerous individuals are sleeping on the floor on makeshift beds and mats.

Some of those being housed in the airport talked to News Nation about the conditions and just how upsetting the accommodations really are.

Rayberth is an illegal immigrant from Venezuela. At the time of his interview, he had been at the airport for four days. "While they find another place for us to go," he said, "some have been here for 10 days. But people keep leaving and the city of Chicago will take us and will find a place for us to stay. No one likes to live here. It’s just a process that we have to wait for to be called and then we can leave. You are not going to be there for months. You are only going to be there for days while the city finds a place for you."

The new mayor of Chicago recently discussed the reality of the large number of immigrants arriving in the city.

“These families are coming to the city of Chicago," he stated. "If we do not create an infrastructure where we’re able to support, and quite frankly, contain these individuals who have suffered a great deal of harm, individuals who are desperate, if we don’t provide support for these individuals and these families, that type of desperation will lead to chaos.

"There is a great sacrifice that is going to be required in this moment, sacrifices we are prepared to make to ensure that this city is not chaotic and is not riddled with desperate people. We can make sure that we invest in people that have been marginalized in this city under previous administrations while also staying true to our values.”

According to Chicago’s ABC 7, nearly 7,000 illegal immigrants are living in city shelters with an additional 1,500 being housed in local police precincts.

A Chicago-based reporter, William Kelly, lives across the street from one of the seventeen migrant shelters. He spoke with Fox & Friends, as reported by the Post Millennial.

"Mayor Johnson campaigned as the people's mayor. Sadly, the people are telling me that he's the migrants' mayor," Kelly said.

"There are millions upon millions of dollars being spent on this migrant crisis," he added. "Nobody knows where the money is going, or what it's being spent on. Sadly, Mayor Johnson must have taken Mayor Lightfoot's course at Harvard on media relations, because he won't answer my questions.

“One of the migrant shelters in Chicago is directly across the street from my building on Michigan Avenue. So, I look out the window, and it's like a scene from Mad Max every single day. It is a fail on every level, the police are not able to babysit the migrants and arrest the violent criminals at the same time. And so, the people of Chicago are suffering.”
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