Chicago Elementary school principal informs parents that staff member 'engaged inappropriately’ with student

CHICAGO, IL – An unnamed staff member at Dawes Elementary School is reportedly under internal investigation following allegations that the staff member “engaged inappropriately” with one of the students.

The principal at Dawes Elementary, which is located in the Ashburn neighborhood in Chicago, didn’t dive into specifics regarding the notice sent out to parents earlier in September.

What has been made public thus far is that the unnamed staff member has been removed from the school pending the outcome of the investigation, which is reportedly being headed by the Office of Inspector General.

Officials have also confirmed that the parents of the allegedly impacted student have been notified, with the principal emphasizing in the released statement that the matter is being taken “seriously.”

“Please know that we are taking this situation seriously," the principal said, "and we remain committed to providing your children with a safe, positive learning environment where they can reach their full potential.”

Outside of the recent allegations levied against the unnamed school staff member, Dawes Elementary doesn’t seem to have served as any sort of hub for local controversy. However, numerous other schools across the nation have come under fire for an amalgamation of controversies.

Recently, Law Enforcement Today reported on how a Biden-appointed judge landed a blow against parental rights in terms of opting their children out of controversial lesson plans in school.

Parents in Montgomery County, Maryland, will now not have the option to have their children excused from lesson plans endorsing transgenderism and non-binary gender identities, amidst other deviant lifestyles, even if the instruction runs counter to their faith.

The aforementioned decision reached by Judge Deborah Boardman in late August is rather alarming, as Montgomery County Public Schools has already cemented the likes of transgender ideology being shoehorned into curricula for preschoolers.

Furthermore, the reason why the entire matter went before a judge was because the school district implemented last year that such instruction around gender identity and transgenderism was not optional – meaning every student at every grade level will be forced to endure the controversial propaganda.

With all that is transpiring in schools across the country, from alarming books that could be construed as pornographic being used as instructional aids to teachers keeping secrets from parents about the wellbeing of their children, former police chief Pat Droney weighed in on a recent op-ed about cameras being placed inside classrooms.

“When some police officers balked at having body-worn cameras," he said, "many on the left wondered what they ‘have to hide.’ The same question can be asked of educators who oppose cameras in the classroom. If they aren’t trying to hide something, what is the issue?”
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