'They're all coming': Chinese nationals arrested attempting to illegally cross into the US at the northern border

While all eyes are focused on the crisis at the southern border, counties in Vermont, New Hampshire, and New York are seeing record breaking illegal border crossings as migrants cross the Canadian border in hopes of avoiding detection.

Three Chinese nationals were recently arrested by immigration agents on the northern border as they attempted to cross illegally from Canada into Maine.

U.S. Border Patrol Houlton sector issued a statement saying in part, “After noticing suspicious activity along the border, vigilant Fort Fairfield Border Patrol agents arrested three Chinese nationals attempting to use the cover of darkness to illegally enter the United States..

“A driver from New York, also a Chinese national who is already in immigration proceedings, was also arrested and suspected of attempting to further the illegal entry."

Bill Melugin with FOX News who often covers immigration at the southern border, says that Chinese nationals crossing through the northern border into Maine “is very rare.”

FOX News reported that northern border officials have seen a 41% increase in encounters with migrants crossing into the United States since 2022.

Additionally, in 2023 alone, more than 12,200 were arrested at the northern border crossing into the United States illegally. That is a 241% increase from just 3,578 arrests in 2022. In 2021, more than 450 Chinese nationals were apprehended.

Across the entirety of the U.S.-Canada border, 2022 encounters with people attempting to illegally cross the into the United States via Canada increased to more than 2,000. In 2023, that number rose to more than 24,314. And there have been more than 18,750 encounters as of January 31, 2024. For comparison, December 2023 alone saw nearly 6,000 encounters.

While officials report that most are still using legal ports of entry, there is still enough of a significant increase in illegal crossings to cause concern.
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need to treat them to the north korea treatment and shoot the illegal border insurgents.


We need to be vigilant at all of our borders because our enemies are trying to take advantage of our weak presidency.


Military fighting age Chinese men are crossing the southern boarder by the thousands and being released into the U.S.


Joe Biden should be tried for treason and not doing his job under the Constitution...that of protecting America and its citizens.!~


Joe Biden should be tried for treason and not doing his job under the Constitution...that of protecting America and its citizens.!~


Biden is the one allowing them to come in...It's like he's invited all of them in to destroy us...He already sold us out to China...This is very scary


They’ve been doing this for decades!


Not only have I beenposting about illegals coming in through our northern border for the past couple of years, but we also have the corrupt NGO's bringing them in by ship and air!! Is everyone waking up now?

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