Christian teacher fired over refusal to teach 'extreme' LGBT lessons to students

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BROMLEY, ENGLAND – A Christian teacher was reportedly fired from a Church of England school after the educator refused to teach her pupils lesson plans surrounding “extreme” LGBT propaganda.

Glawdys Leger, who was a modern languages teacher at Bishop Justice CofE School in Bromley, saw herself get terminated from the school back in May of 2022, saying she was “treated like a criminal” for refusing to instill LGBT lessons to the youths attending the school which purports to “offer a distinctive educational ethos based on a Christian foundation.”

The lesson plans in question, which were meant to be administered to Year 7 students at the school, reportedly contained “extreme content on gender identity with themes that begin to suggest to children that humans can be born in the wrong body,” according to the Christian Legal Centre, who is supporting Leger amid the fallout of her termination.

The aforementioned lesson plans also baked in the likes of affirming delusional or pseudo-gender identities and sexualities such as asexual, pansexual, and transgenderism. Children at the school were also instructed to act as ‘allies of the queer community,’ a nebulous novel social pressure to compel youths to affirm or champion lifestyles one may find abhorrent.

Keeping in mind that the institution in question is a Church of England school which claims to deliver a “distinctive educational ethos based on a Christian foundation,” the concept of a teacher at said school asserting the Biblical teachings surrounding such topics shouldn’t be controversial.

However, when Leger told her students amid these LGBT lesson plan discussions that God created humans as male and female and engaging in an LGBT lifestyle was sinful, she found herself fired from her position.

Furthermore, the Aquinas Church of England Education Trust, which the school Leger previously worked for is part of, reported Leger to the Teaching Regulation Agency (TRA) in light of her commitment to adhering to Biblical teachings. The result of the aforesaid reporting to the TRA led to a hearing kicking off on October 9th which could ultimately result in Leger being barred from teaching altogether.

Prior to the hearing held on October 9th, Leger said of the experience thus far, “I was treated like a criminal and as though I was a danger for expressing my Christian beliefs.”

Leger continued in her statement, emphasizing that she can’t endorse the LGBT lifestyle whilst being committed to her faith, whilst also highlighting that these ideals aren’t tantamount to, or translate into, any hatred towards others.

“I have great compassion for LGBT people," she said, "especially for those suffering from gender confusion. I cannot, however, in good conscience teach or say things I believe are contrary to my faith, for example saying that same-sex sexual relationships are good and/or affirming people in their gender confusion. I am certain that I have not shown, and never would show, any hatred or lack of love towards LGBT people.”
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These evil perverts are dead set on brainwashing the young to respect and adhere to their perverted lifestyle choice! It is past time for this to STOP in the schools! Those who saw fit to fire her MUST be fired!!!


God made Male and Female go Read the Bible Genesis 1:27 then go Read 1 Corinthians 6:9 states that gay lesbian homosexuals bisexuals transgender won’t inherit the kingdom of God so that means they are Going Too HELL


I am appalled that a faith based school would be firing a teacher for teaching what is in the Bible. The previous commenter is spot on and God sees this activity as abhorrent behavior. Christian parents worldwide are going to have force the local school system to not allow this sick and twisted curriculum in their schools.

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