City officials in Denver plead with Texas border towns to discourage illegal aliens from travelling to their city

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DENVER, CO – According to reports, city officials over in Denver are apparently serving up the antithesis of what it means to be a self-proclaimed sanctuary city, reportedly pleading with officials in Texas border towns to begin discouraging illegal aliens from traveling to their city.

The crisis along the southern border has been a problem for the past few administrations, but the Biden administration in particular seems to be receiving criticism for an amalgamation of perceived strategical failures and soft-on-immigration enforcement policies believed to be making the flow of illegal immigrants even worse.

As seen with the onset of the Trump administration in 2017, numerous cities and states began or sort of crusade to virtue signal against Trump’s perceived anti-immigrant rhetoric, signing bills and making pledges to become ‘sanctuaries’ for illegal immigrants.

Denver, Colorado, happened to be one of those very cities to launch their virtue signal campaign in an attempt to score cheap political points of then-incoming President Trump.

Shortly after Trump took office, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock signed a bill in 2017 that codified the city’s position to not assist federal immigration authorities and would even provide various forms of assistance and legal defense funding for illegal immigrants within the city.

However, from a logistical perspective, promising a sanctuary city to illegal immigrants is an easy gift to extend when the aforesaid city is roughly 1,100 miles away from the Texas/Mexico border, as the city itself would hardly see any traffic short of being chartered directly.

But with the influx of illegal aliens flooding the Lone Star State, officials in Texas opted to start offering bus rides to incoming illegals to sanctuary cities, Denver being one of those destinations.

And once the busses started rolling into Denver, suddenly, the city officials were aghast and attempting to wheelback the welcome wagon they’d initially served up as a virtue signal years earlier where - the likely thought was - it would be a check they’d never have to cash.

In the latest effort by officials in Denver to effectively retract the once-touted sanctuary city status, Denver's Office of Emergency Management executive director, Matthew Mueller, sent an email to four Texas cities with a plea to ask illegal immigrants to refrain from travelling to Denver.

The four cities in question, Brownsville, El Paso, Houston, and Dallas, were afforded a flyer draft as well in the email, written in English and Spanish, telling would-be Denver travelers that the city’s resources “have been exhausted” and any single adult illegal immigrants will only be granted a 14-day stay at an area shelter.

Officials in New York City pulled off a similar dissuasion campaign of their own consisting of flyers handed out to illegal aliens crossing the southern border, telling those with aspirations of coming to The Big Apple that the city is likely just too expensive for them to live in.
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Send them to to Denver! These people ARE ILLEGAL and should be put in JAIL! However if these cities want to defy a FEDERAL LAW and be a sanctuary city for criminals let them solve their own problems!!!!


Well they got what they wanted, a prestigious name of a “sanctuary city”. Now they can join the ranks with Los Angeles, New York and Seattle. I have no sympathy for them either.


…pretty aggravating read. Every paragraph is a long, long run-on sentence…. AI needs more work!

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