Country singer Craig Morgan thanks police for their fast response during the recent shooting at a Texas state fair

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DALLAS, TX - On Saturday, October 14th, a shooter opened fire at a Texas State Fair, injuring three and forcing an evacuation of the fairgrounds. 

Thankfully, all three are expected to recover from their injuries. The suspect has been identified by the Dallas Police Department (DPD) as 22-year-old Cameron Turner.

Turner reportedly fled the scene after the shooting, but was apprehended shortly after. A gun was found and Turner has since been charged with aggravated assault.

Country singer Craig Morgan was forced to cancel his headlining show due to the shooting incident and emergency evacuation of the fair grounds. He was scheduled to perform at on the Chevrolet Main Stage at 8:30 p.m.

The shooting incident occurred at approximately 8:00 p.m. near the fair's food court. In the moments after, he recalls running out to the fairgrounds to find his wife so that he could bring her to safety. He also helped several others find a safe place to hide prior to the grounds being evacuated.

After the incident, Morgan shared his gratefulness to the Texas Police Department and other first responders saying, "Thank you to the Dallas Police Department and first responders for their quick action in apprehending the suspected gunman at the Texas State Fair tonight."

He added, "While my band and crew are blessedly safe, I ask you to join me in praying for everyone involved in this horrific accident."

Weapons are reportedly prohibited on the fairgrounds, but there is an exception in the fair's policy for gun owners who are properly licensed. Karissa Condoianis, senior vice president of public relations for the State Fair of Texas said:

"We don't allow weapons in the State Fair of Texas. However, we understand that Texas have the right to carry their weapons. So, we have a middle ground where those that have a license to carry are allowed to come in with a concealed weapon."

It is still unclear how Turner was able to get a gun into the fairgrounds, especially with its open-gate weapons detection system that was just added this year. 

Hours after the incident, Morgan went live with his fans on Facebook to talk more about what happened.

He said, "We just left Dallas last night and I'm sure by now most of you have heard there was an incident at the state fair, a shooter incident. We now know more about the situation. There was a single shooter disagreement between a couple of folks and turned into a shooting where some people were injured and shot in the process."

He added, "Anyway, like I said, that's all over the news. I'm not going to go into detail on all that crap. What I will tell you is that I hate that that happened. Someone made a comment about don't let this be our memory or whatever ... our reflection of Texas. Don't worry, we don't. I don't hold the actions of an individual against an entire group of people."

The country singer continued saying, "I'll tell you that. We love Texas and we are super grateful to the Dallas Police Department. I'mma tell ya, having worked in law enforcement, that was one of the quickest reactions. Those guys, God bless y'all."

He said, "I know everybody was extremely nervous. Some of ya may have seen me. My wife was actually out on the grounds when it was happening, so I ran out to get her and get her back and secured, and in the process of doing so I was doing everything I could to let everybody know to get out of there and find a safe place."

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