DEI mandate blamed for SROs being pulled out of high school where Kaylee Gain was brutally assaulted

HAZELWOOD, MO - On March 8, a brutal fight took place outside a Hazelwood school where 16-year-old Kaylee Gain was seriously injured, suffering a fractured skull and brain bleed. What is maddening is that school resource officers (SROs) were pulled from the school district after a dispute between police agencies and the school district over mandatory diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training imposed by the district on police officers, Fox-2 reports. 

The part of town where schools are located also determines if they have SROs assigned. For example, at Hazelwood West High School, a school resource officer is assigned to the school. Across town, however, local police patrol the high school as part of their patrol assignment, but a regular SRO is not assigned. 

One parent, Elizabeth Jackson, told the outlet that she believes “SROs are very important.” 

“I was very happy when Hazelwood brought them back to West. I think they are a deterrent, and I think that when things do happen, it’s nice to have them here for a quick response,” Jackson said. 

However, in 2021, St. Louis County Police, Florissant Police, and, for a time, Hazelwood Police grew concerned over the district’s DEI mandate. The departments sent a letter to the school board advising them officers had already received such training by subject-matter experts, and the training was approved by the Missouri Police Officers Standards and Training (POST). 

The police agencies and the school district couldn’t negotiate an agreement, so all SROs were removed from Hazelwood schools. 

When Hazelwood hired a new police chief in 2023, the school district and the Hazelwood Police Department reached an agreement, and officers were put through the 10-hour DEI training, according to a contract obtained by the outlet under FOIA laws. That agreement put SROs back in Hazelwood West High School and Hazelwood West Middle School, which fall under the jurisdiction of the Hazelwood PD. However, Hazelwood East, which falls under the St. Louis County Police, didn’t get their SROs back. 

The March 8 assault at Hazelwood East, which was captured on viral video, saw Gain brutally assaulted, which has left her unconscious since the incident. It is currently unclear when, if ever, she will recover. 

U.S. Sen. Eric Schmitt (R-MO) blames “woke policy” for no SRO being assigned to Hazelwood East. 

“I don’t think they had a school resource officer because of a disagreement on this really woke policy,” Schmitt said. “Putting divisive ideology before student safety is a big mistake.” 

Fox-2 reached out to Missouri Attorney General Andrew Baily about the assault. However, his team whisked him off and said he didn’t have time to speak to the media. Last Wednesday, Bailey called for an investigation into the mandated DEI training. 

“By putting DEI agendas ahead of protecting students and neglecting to have law enforcement presence on campus, Hazelwood School District has failed in its fundamental duty to ensure a safe learning environment,” Bailey posted on social media. 

Meanwhile, Florissant and St. Louis County police issued a joint statement confirming that no agreement has yet been reached between the respective departments and the school district. Still, they remain hopeful that something can be agreed to down the road. 

They wrote, “We are committed to collaborating on solutions to the youth violence issues we are experiencing and look forward to the return of our school resource officers in the Hazelwood School District.” 

Fox-2 said they attempted to speak with Superintendent Dr. Nettie Collins-Hart, who earns a cool $278,987 per year to administer the district, about the SRO issue, as well as Hazelwood East principals, however, none would agree to an interview. After numerous attempts, the district’s communications director, Jordyn Elston, said the district wouldn’t comment on the issue.

Less than an hour later, however, they changed their tune and issued a written statement: 

“The safety and well-being of our students is a top priority in the Hazelwood School District. We maintain a positive and collaborative relationship with Florissant Police and St. Louis County Police. We ensure that our schools remain safe environments where students can thrive and learn. While we have not reached a contract agreement with the Florissant Police Department and St. Louis County Police, we are hopeful for the future.” 

Meanwhile, some believe that the epidemic of school fights requires more than just more police officers in schools. St. Louis University Assistant Criminology Professor Kenya Brumfield-Young told Fox-2 that more must be done. 

“We need to advocate for educational programs that promote conflict resolution, mental health awareness, [and] anger management,” Brunfield-Young said. 

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This is what happens when put racist programs into every aspect of life and deliberately use children as pawns because of indoctrination practices! This is sickening and I hope the school gets sued for millions!!!


This N….Needs her you know what, shot.


DEI has got to go. DEI rightfully should be known as discrimination, exclusion, and indoctrination. This 'woman' should be charged with attempted murder.

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