Democrat support of child marriage: Is it really about helping the abortion industry?

Reasonable people might assume that child marriage would be illegal in a civilized country like the United States of America. However, reasonable people would be shocked to learn that in all 50 states, some form of child marriage is legal. Forty-eight states impose a set minimum age on marriages, but two—California and Mississippi—do not have set minimum ages, as reported by the Los Angeles Times.

In other words, in those two states, children of any age are permitted to marry so long as the child’s legal guardian and the court allows. This leads, in some cases, to young girls being married to grown adult men.
Shockingly, despite the age of consent in California being eighteen, this only applies to those children who are not married.

Also, shockingly, the push to keep child marriages legal in some states has been advocated by Republicans. However, the groups driving opposition to child marriage bans in California are far-left groups—Planned Parenthood, the Children’s Law Center, and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

The United Nations, not exactly a right-wing conservative organization, has called the practice of child marriage a human rights violation. The U.S. State Department opposes marriages for people under 18. That has not stopped the above organizations from fighting against outlawing child marriages in California.
This push for child marriages by Planned Parenthood, the Children’s Law Center, and the ACLU should not surprise anyone.

For example, Planned Parenthood has openly supported the drag “phenomenon” that has swept across the United States, referring to the practice as “performance art” and not indicative of any sexual deviance.
The ACLU has filed lawsuits against government entities, such as a library in Louisiana, which banned drag queen story hours in its facility.

In the case of the Children’s Law Center, no information was found to determine that organization’s take on drag queen story hours.

One area where all three organizations seem to have found common ground concerns parental rights. In the case of Planned Parenthood, that organization has never seen an abortion it doesn’t support and has been vocal in advocating to limit parental oversight and advocate for the sexual “rights” of children.

So where does the opposition to a minimum age for marriage come in? According to Newsweek, opposition to the proposed minimum marriage age in California stems from not wanting to impose “a slippery slope when it comes to constitutional rights or reproductive choices, specifically that an age requirement could impede a minor’s ability to seek an abortion.”

With the pro-baby killing crowd, it’s always about all abortion all the time.

The ACLU has put forth a bizarre argument concerning child marriage, claiming that a “lack of data” surrounding the issue of child marriage “unnecessarily and unduly intrudes on the fundamental right of marriage without sufficient cause.” In a bizarre case of being completely out of touch, the ACLU said in 2017, “[W]e believe that some youth can appropriately make this decision for themselves.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, the ACLU still holds the same position.

Planned Parenthood in California claims they “strongly support protecting youth from abuse of all kinds” but qualified that by saying laws should “not impede on the reproductive rights of minors and their ability to decide what is best for them, their health, and their lives.”

These groups, who support Democrats by a wide margin, are the same who claim that people need to be 21 to own a firearm, drink alcohol, and in some states, smoke cigarettes. In those cases, minors don’t have the “ability to decide what is best for them, their health, and their lives.” Minors are responsible enough and mentally coherent enough to get an abortion or the latest liberal cause, “gender-affirming” surgery. Not to own firearms…not to drink alcohol. 

You have to give these leftist groups some credit: they’re consistent. Suppose you prohibit minors from deciding to get married because they are too young. In that case, that means they also are too young to engage in sexual activity with the possible result of getting pregnant, therefore denying them the ability to kill their children.

According to The Daily Signal, over 300,000 children under 18 were legally married in the United States between 2000 and 2018. Delaware and New Jersey enacted legislation to protect children, and nine more states followed.

California, however, has become ground zero for the move to enact some minimum age for marriage. What would seem like a no-brainer has dragged out the radical left hell-bent on destroying the country. What seems like a sick joke, unfortunately, is anything but. Jonathan Keller, president of the California Family Council, calls it “tragic” to see how extreme the left has become.

Keller told former Rep. Jody Hice (R-GA) that he was shocked by how the left is handling the proposed California legislation.

“Essentially, what we have is liberal legislators and liberal activist groups that are saying, ‘The very most important thing for us as an organization…is to protect the rights of young people to make these very serious decisions related to their sexual identity, their gender identity, or even the life of children in the womb.’ And as a result, they don’t even want to risk the fact that opening the door and saying maybe children shouldn’t be making these types of decisions…[because it might] affect them being able to choose abortion. And that’s exactly what Planned Parenthood has been saying.”

During congressional budget debates, Democrats use children as pawns in their talking points against Republicans. “Protect children,” they caterwaul.

However, actions speak louder than words. If Democrats truly cared about children, they would strongly support a minimum age for marriage, thereby protecting the innocence of primarily young females who are usually wedded to older men.

Democrats have shown that they do not have the best interest of girls or women at heart, as they overwhelmingly vote to permit boys and men to share bathroom and locker space with girls and women while eviscerating girls’ and women’s sports. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that they don’t wish to protect young girls from being (in some cases) forced to marry at very young ages.

Democrats are the same party of individuals who see no problem with so-called “minor-attracted persons” (formerly known as pedophiles) stalking children. A bill proposed in California several years ago thankfully went down in flames. That bill would have permitted children to have sexual relationships with people up to 10 years older than they were while lowering penalties for violators and making it less likely that perpetrators would be prosecuted and imprisoned.

Many people on the left claim the 2024 general election will be, first and foremost, about abortion. Perhaps that is the case for the extreme left; however, for most right-thinking Americans, abortion (or so-called “lack of choice”) isn’t an issue. Tell most Americans that Democrats want to push for minors to be married to increase abortions, and it is a losing message.

The next time you hear a Democrat talk about “protecting the children,” remember who they are in bed with and what type of monstrous activity they advocate for. They have zero interest in protecting children, especially when it comes to the taking of innocent life.
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